Fear Until Fury, Cuzo Key, BadCameo: RF20XX’s CLT Livewire Reviews – 5/29

What’s up with your Memorial Day Weekend, CLT Scene & Beyond?

We’re back this week with the Livewire Singles Review series, and this time around, we’re beefed up to 3 tracks that’ll keep you pushing forward with whatever you’re handling at that moment.

This week, get amped up with Fear Until Fury’s call-to-arms, “RIZE”, consider the day-to-day with Cuzo Key’s “Tobacco Reefer”, and stay optimistic even among the lows with BadCameo’s “Baby Come Back To Me”.

Feel the energy & ride the wave, because the Livewire strike starts here!

The Charlotte Scene


By Fear Until Fury

When it comes to Charlotte’s Metal Bands, restraint isn’t a word you’d associate with how the tracks are laid down, but that’s especially prevalent in Fear Until Fury’s spirit, showing itself yet again in their latest single, “RIZE”.

One thing that listeners will always find in the band’s messages is the force to stand upward and lean forward powerfully, evident as well in 2020’s “Concrete”. “Rize” keeps up this tradition with the extremely tight lyric structure, where the contents are as fiery yet positive and reflective as the song’s title suggests. Amped up by the guitar & drum sections to explosive results by the time the chorus hits, the track plays out as an ongoing battle anthem, while reaching out to be restorative in a not so hidden sense (“You Will Be Strong/Fight On, Fight On).

When looking for a different strain of energy to take to the fight, Fear Until Fury’s “RIZE” will amp up audiences with a war cry that sustains, builds up, and rocks out with their signature Nu-Metal stylings.

The boys are ready to blow out all of CLT’s Venues this year, so if you dug the new track,
keep an eye out for where they’ll be over 2021:

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Tobacco Reefer

By Cuzo Key

Debuting as the first song available off of “Nionek 3”, Cuzo Key takes listeners for a day-to-day ride while keeping the mood easy with “Tobacco Reefer”.

Over the course of the 3:26 track time, the single transforms as elements weave in and out, starting with the piano/synths and fusing a beat layer in together alongside the jazz saxophone. Not being lyrically heavy outside the middle section feels intentional as Cuzo Key speaks out to someone specific in the audience, giving an account to where his mind is at that moment. The feel overall, taken from the verse’s speed and the atmosphere laid out, is relaxed, even when ‘Key remains focused in his own words.

“Tobacco Reefer” not only works as a selectable single off the new album, but also as an interlude midway through its tracks to lure listeners in for a drive, almost from the point-of-view from the front passenger seat.

Listen in on this track via Cuzo Key’s Bandcamp, check out the rest of the album if you liked this,
and stay on his moves as this is only a set up to the rest of 2021:

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Beyond CLT

Baby Come Back To Me

by Badcameo

Playing off of the originality that makes the band’s fusion of Funk and Pop resonate, “Baby Come Back To Me” is BadCameo’s continued push into 2021, coming off of their 2020 album “BadCameo Out Loud”.

One of the traits that always holds the 3-piece band in a high place is their ability to craft music that, despite what the subject is, creates & thrives off an elevated positivity, and the new single keeps track with this in mind. The longing feelings the lyrics write to keep the heart from the vocalist’s perspective, in tune completely with the guitar’s groovy riffs & the keyboard’s synths. The drum section brings in and takes out the track, again syncing to the rest of the instrumentals, with no player over-taking the other.

“Baby Come Back To Me” shows off vibrant emotion without the overlaying mental message taking the listeners down under a cloudy day. BadCameo continues to show their strongest trait here; always shining like the Sun, and taking that feeling wherever they go.

Check out this track & more about BadCameo, including their moves for
their upcoming 2021 tour:

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