Collective Insanity + Faye – RF20XX’s Mid-Week Listens

How’s Life, CLT Scene & Beyond? It’s been a while since we’ve been hard on the writing pad, so as we get revved up again, check out two of the recent listens that have given us life this past week, both from the Charlotte Scene; Collective Insanity and Faye!

Collective Insanity – Hidden Agony (EP)

Collective Insanity’s first EP outing Hidden Agony hits as hard. Reflective of each performance the band gives on stage, the band doesn’t hold back on any of the 4 tracks accompanying this small collection. Kyng Rash, going from the turntables to the stage fully, utilizes everything he learned through hip-hop to project alongside the instrumentals, allowing them to guide him as he lets loose on the microphone, whether that be for the heated lyrics or straight up screaming into it. His presence at the front allows for Collective to have a unique musical versatility, shifting from full-on Metal to a 2000’s Nu-Metal arrangement, making tracks like “MFU” stand out.

Mikey Black, formally of The Fill Ins, also takes much of what he has honed over time as their lead guitar to rock out alongside Richard Starnes, backing him up on 2nd Guitar, and Quinn Reilly on Bass. Jack Colman works each track on drums, pumping up the rest as the thunder is let loose on to the constant cymbal crashes. Coming together with Dylan Fult handling programming from the side, Hidden Agony rides high on emotion and volume from start to finish, with the complete package of each veteran musician on display.

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Faye – Dream Punches (Single)

Leading up the their upcoming LP release next month, Faye’s newest single “Dream Punches” hits with an insomnia-laced ballad sandwiched between pop-punk stylings. Sarah Blumenthal and Susan Plante front the trio on Bass and Guitar respectively along with pairing on vocals, while drummer Thomas Berkau keeps the fevered speed up throughout the track.

A fun track to keep on repeat while keeping up on the feelings in the lyrics, the writing is relatable in all the wrong ways, whether wanting to not be touched I Want To Cuddle Right Now/Just Give Me Some Space/So That I Can Spread Out) or winding up in the wrong dream bubble (I’d Rather Dream Of Sea Sides With Ease/Than All These Dancing Armies/Trying To Swallow Me Up), as the two verse sets conclude with a refrain the dream monster Freddy Kruger would take pride in. The trio lets the instrumentals do much of the lifting here, but by the end, the 2:08 track time will have listeners ignoring the clock as the night speeds away. ~


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