In collaboration with Carolina Farm Trust and Aureate & Co., Petra’s Bar will be presenting a night of music, networking, and conversation about the food insecurities in the surrounding Carolinas, along with celebrating what the women of the Charlotte community have done to bring some change to the situation!

From the event page;

“This event is hosted by Carolina Farm Trust, a non-profit in Charlotte with a mission to strengthen an equitable local food system in the Carolinas from production to consumption. Most of the cities in the Carolinas struggle to purchase fresh, nutrient dense ingredients for their families. Gas stations and dollar marts are centered around convenience, but neglecting the need for healthy and nutritious foods. Carolina Farm Trust is building the infrastructure needed to pivot the current methods of which we “support” our impoverished cities, and reuniting the farmers with the consumers once again.”

In a preview for the festivities to come, here are some of the faces from the Carolina community in the spotlight this evening. ~

~ Artists of the Evening ~

– Søelle –

Independent Musician & Singer/Songwriter Søelle successfully fuses Rock/Soul/R&B together creating an edgy, captivating sound that is naturally her own. Introduced to various genres at an extremely young age, Søelle attributes much of her songwriting technique and inspiration much to her late father.

She began songwriting as a young child to feel seen and heard while coping with childhood traumas and is an advocate of Music Therapy & Mental Health Awareness. “Music was a safe place to hide in plain sight. The beauty of the song could mask the pain…but the lyrics couldn’t. When I had something to say, I did it through music, to be heard.”

Søelle has utilized rich melodies, funky drum riffs, and rockin’ guitar solos, in accompaniment with deep, meaningful lyrics to establish her unique style. As a musician, her soulful and effortless style has been influenced by a plethora of various Soul, R&B, Rock, and Hip-Hop artists, the most notable being: Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Sia, Citizen Cope, Alicia Keys, Eva Cassidy, Eric Clapton, John Legend, and J.Cole.


– Tiyane Clark –

Often times, I am asked who can I compare myself to in music, and my answer is always, no one. I have been inspired by many amazing artist, but I believe we all have a one of a kind sound.

My sound has been shaped by my gospel background, as well as my Caribbean heritage, and my experiences competing at Disney in show choir, amongst other things. I truly hope that each time I open my mouth to sing, that my audience can experience me in my most vulnerable state. It is through my gift that I connect with God, so this is more than a physical experience, it is also spiritual. 


– Nani Layilaa –

Nani Layilaa is an American singer-songwriter, rapper & music review streamer. Nani’s career began after piquing the interest of a close family member already associated with a professional recording studio where she would develop a niche in creating songs from the ground up.

Her first EP, Rooted, was released in January 2018. It spawned two singles: “Excited” and “WYBA”. The EP began to gain significant traction in the live streaming community via social media sites and other related platforms. Her first live performance with World Underground (formerly know as TeamBackPack )was held at the official YouTube Space in Brooklyn, NY where it reached a huge audience upon it’s debut.
Presently, Nani is working on new projects with producer engineer @provenprodigy, continuing to strengthen her craft and writing for other upcoming artists.


~ Artists and Businesses Featured ~

– Slic The Brand –

“‘Body’ a 2019 Fall/Winter Collection was 1 of 3 Collections from the “It’s All Me” Design Story. Body signified the physical placement of myself as an immigrant in the USA.

It told the story through embroidered writing of the Dream Act Law and Citizen of the World for many immigrants that are labeled as aliens that are undocumented. This was very close to my experience in the USA, Body told my story.”

Main SiteInstagram

– Gracyn Harris Fine Art –

A large mixed media piece is being donated by local artist Gracyn Harris. Gracyn is from the mountains region of North Carolina and came to live in Charlotte in 2015. She specializes in giving old things a new life. Starting our painting landscapes with the vivid saturated color she dove into abstract painting and from there grew to love integrating unusual recycled “things” into her pieces.

From landscapes, abstract, charcoal, and self-portraits, to her most recent collection of utilizing grocery bags as a statement to emphasize single-use plastic and not taking things or people for granted. She has incorporated poetry in previous work and is planning a new concept of paintings that feel like a memory. Gracyn’s mantra is “everything is art.”

Instagram (Main) – Aureate & Co.

– Divine Wander Candles –

This black woman-owned business has generously donated her newest collection of divine candles. The “You Are” collection is an affirmation based set of 4 mindset inspired candles. May this collection serve as a representation of who you are and what you think about yourself. 

Empower your local female creatives and come out to our Winter Women’s Showcase! Each ticket includes a voucher to spend at our silent auction as well as entry into the charity cocktail evening featuring 3 live performances by local female artists.

Main SiteInstagram

– Flippin Functional –

Flippin Functional inspires others to get creative with their space and revive old items for a newer purpose. This crafty DIYer tackles everything from large home renovation, to small furniture flips, and carries the mindset that nothing is “too far gone” that it can’t be salvaged into something functional.

Flippin Functional is owned and operated by Jordan Weber, who hopes to inspire the community to waste less and make their home uniquely their own with functional décor specific to their needs.


– Jena Poston –

“During the pandemic I was journaling and had a vision about having my own empire. I knew working for myself was the only option. I began planning and thinking of ways to actually create a brand for myself. In the summer of 2021 I launched Jenaration Marketing.

The idea started because I studied marketing and wanted to apply the knowledge I was given. In the beginning I claimed immediately that I wanted to have a brand strong enough to pass down to my kids. This to me is what generational wealth should look like. Which pushed me even further to want to be seen as a resource for other business owners. This is the idea for my mission statement of the desire to push your brand to the next generation.”

Main SiteInstagram

~ The Profiles in This Piece Were Contributed By Gracyn Harris ~

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