CLT Scene And Beyond,

It is finally here! Since falling off of many of the weekly spotlights and regular duties, it has been rough in 2022 getting back to a sort of writing that both felt familiar and touched the people I see out in Charlotte every day. While I could go into deeper detail, and will in the 2022 close-out letter, for now, we’re in the present, and I’m only looking forward at the beautiful things writing up a twice-a-week newsletter can provide both you and me, and that is incredibly exciting.

One of the coolest things I can think of about this year is getting more into the cultural centers of the Queen City & Beyond, and so I want these letters to reflect that. We support, celebrate, and scream out into the open air that Charlotte’s space is for everyone and always has been. If you have never been to a Drag Show before, or hung out within the LGBTQ community, I sincerely invite you to do those things. It has been a dangerous couple months, and years, and they are some of the most amazing people I’ve personally ever met, and so the one way I can off-hand think to support their lives is to promote the things they love and the ways they give meaning to our community. Just like our music community and anyone on the independent grind needing support, so does Drag, Art, and so many facets that exist yet are barely touched. That’s why RF20XX exists; we promote and give space to the cool shit that exists out in the world.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together for y’all at the tail end of 2022, and I look forward to releasing the Weekend edition on Friday.

Have a Great Week, One & All!!!

Jonny G., Editor-In-Chief, Reporting From 20XX

Today’s Music Spotlight + Recent Releases

Midnight Suns – Omega Sparx/NemRaps of Nerdout/Andrei Shulgach

In the latest track out from Omega Sparx, the nerdcore artist takes on the recent Marvel game release, Midnight Suns, for inspiration. Omega speaks from the perspective of The Hunter, the central figure of the supernatural outing. Digging into the role, Omega displays his love for the game by balancing a quick synopsis in his lyrics while hitting each verse with measured energy, ending off with a deepened cresendo smashed in the final seconds before the chorus.

NemRaps of NerdOut matches Omega’s ferocity with his own stylings, taking aspects of the gameplay into his writing, pumping up each action between the heroes and demons, almost giving listeners the illusion of performing each combo or mechanic described. Combined with Andrei Shulgach’s backing from the chorus and bridge sections, this song perfectly encapsulates the experience of running through the game world. This track isn’t just for gamers, as the heaviness of the drums and synths, combined with the energizing lyrics, makes it a good fit for any gym playlist. ~

Other Recent Releases

The Whiskey Predicament – Are You Cool? (Album)

Wiltwither – Hope Is Hell (Single)

blankstate. – The World Is Not Kind To These Things (Album)

Discoveries – Cut To The Chase (Single)

Circle Back – [Consumed]:[Engulfed] (Mini-EP)

Good Morning Bedlam – “Sticks & Stones”

Next Stream – December 13th at 8:30pm

Music Spot – blankstate. (Charlotte, NC)

Game – Pokemon Scarlet, Once Upon A Jester, or Gungrave: G.O.R.E.

~ Vote For Your Favorite At This Link ~


RF20XX’s Latest Articles + Collaborations

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• CLTure – December Charlotte Local Music Concert Guide

Show Highlights [December 12th to 15th]

TuesTail Light Rebellion w/ The Whiskey Predicament, Earth That Was, & More at The Milestone Club – 8pm – $10

Wedsblankstate. w/ I and The Lad at The Evening Muse – 7:30pm – $10/$12

ThursYoung Mister w/ Ethan Nathaniel at The Evening Muse – 7:30pm

The CLT Drag Scene Radar + Beyond

Tues – Heart Throb: LGBTQIA+ Night at Broken Promises – 9pm – *FREE*

Tues – Carolina Creepshow Presents Hot Tuesdays at Bar Argon – 8pm – *FREE*

WedsKings On Tap: 2023 Cast Auditions at Hattie’s Tavern – 8pm – *FREE*

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