CLT Scene And Beyond,

Without trying, this particular holiday season is becoming one of old memories being borne anew. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is repeating itself, but revivals and revisits are abound this weekend in our town, and it is a pleasure to behold.

The first time I’d ever heard of Kevin & The Bikes, a full band now and a two-piece then, was at a house show venue called The Trash Palace (memorialized on Instagram). Wild, random, but excessively fun to behold, it is cool to see how time doesn’t provide a barrier from what was to what could still be. Tonight, their first public show under that name premieres at the Milestone Club. Without any doubt, alongside such acts and friends as Ink Swell & Plan B, it’s going to be a hell of a time.

Today’s artist pick for review, Taylor Alxndr, set to be on the Snug Harbor stage tonight as part of Carolina Creepshow’s Creepchella, really hits the dynamic of dreams and ambitions in “Big City”, and I think that’s where my mind still is. RF20XX is the dream I chase every day to make a consistent reality, and Charlotte, much like Atlanta, or any metropolis you can imagine, is just a big space for many of us to have those visions play out. That’s how I like to think about it, at least.

Keep dreaming and chasing, CLT, and have a great weekend!

Jonny G., Editor-In-Chief, Reporting From 20XX

Today’s Music Spotlight + Recent Releases

Big City – Taylor Alxndr, From the 2022 Album 1993

Affirmations are the mantras borne of the struggles we face in our lives, whether on an individual basis or in shared day-to-day battles. They give us the power to fight through those evils, whether from the inside or out, and are essential to pursuing what we want most where we are. Taylor Alxndr knows this well. Taking the years in their adoptive home of Atlanta for inspiration, the time and efforts are chronicled in “Big City”, a track about finding the shine when a metropolis is no longer new, and the dreams that keep the drive going.

Taylor starts off each section with the feelings about the present. Building off of what is, they roll back time to when their city was still new, the beat picking up as if to show the excitement flashing within the artist. To anyone who has ever traveled outside of their hometown to see what else is out there, the feeling of endless possibilities in a fresh space is palpable. Taylor crafts their road of memories in a way that will remind listeners of their own “dates with destiny”, inspiring in the process.

The climax to the track hits especially hard, not alluding to the thoughts in the artist’s mind, but putting those worries up against the rebuttles, voiced in part by Breathers. This is a song that will not only remind listeners of their dreams, but will also serve as a push for those still chasing them to World’s End. ~

[“What if they raise the rent? (They’ll never own me),

/Sell all your time, money spent. (It’s worth the risk in the end.)

/Working yourself to the bone (This place was built with them),

/You’ll never be alone.”]

Other Recent Releases

Naiyah (London, UK) – “Wrong” [Single]

Kunai Chrome (Charlotte, NC) – KRUUGA [Album]

Neil Leyton (Toronto, Canada) – “I Got A Call From) Michael Maker” [Single]

blankstate. – “Jasper Never Cries”

Next Stream – December 18th at 5pm

Music Spot – Taylor Alxndr (Atlanta, GA)

Game – Gungrave: G.O.R.E.


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Show Highlights [December 12th to 15th]

Friday – KEVIN & THE BIKES W/ PLAN B, NUKELELE & INK SWELL at The Milestone Club – 8pm – $10

SaturdayNoDa’s Krampus Krawl 2022 – 6:30pm – *FREE*

The CLT Drag Scene Radar + Beyond

Friday – Carolina Creepshow Presents: Creepchella – 9pm – $10

Saturday – Holiday Drag Family Reunion: Hosted by Nova Stella & Karen Affection – 7pm – *FREE*

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