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As many of you know already, and the people who find this platform should know, Reporting From 20XX exists because it is cool to write about the amazing things happening in our world, full of talented and spectacular people. More pointedly, the artists and developers in up-&-coming music, gaming, and culture are not only worth digging into and talking about, but they should be celebrated. Anyone that pushes beyond the boundaries of what an expected life is to do something extraordinary should never live in the shadows, and there should be people whose mission is to shine that spotlight, in a word shining in their own way.

My call-in this past weekend with the first-ever Super Duty Tough Work podcast is something I had to work up the nerve to do. The hosts of the podcast, Blueprint and Illogic, are artists themselves, out of Columbus, Ohio, that jump on the mic each week providing tips, honest wisdom, and perspectives from their journeys in order to better the lives of others, artists mainly, but much of what they say applies anywhere.

I asked my question, “What is the best thing music journalists can do for music?”. One of the answers I got, to always be a fan of the subjects you write about, is something I’m going to take with me, and the platform, well beyond just 2023. That is how I’d love to go about recruiting more people into what I started, because it is true. Some of the most inspired tributes one could make of a work, in whatever form, it is in the love of that very thing. Not to say I haven’t pushed into subjects I wasn’t necessarily super hyped on, but it is a better rule of thumb to live by, and create with.

As we near the end of 2022, that’s going to be the wish that I have for all of you as well as myself. Create with the love for what you do, and who you do it for, whether that’s yourself or for others. We can’t forget that feeling for what we do, because nothing great ever came out of a soul-less product.

Maybe that’s just my opinion, but that’s the fuel for my fire. I hope you find yours as well this week, and every day.

With the best wishes,

Jonny G., Editor-In-Chief, Reporting From 20XX

Galleries From the CLT Scene – 12/10 to 12/16

blankstate. w/ I & The Lad – The Evening Muse – 12/14/22

Carolina Creepshow’s Creepchella – Snug Harbor – 12/16/22

DKO Entertainment’s Culture Shock – Resident Culture South End – 12/10/22

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The CLT Drag Scene Radar + Beyond

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Tues – Drag Game Night at Burial Brewing – 6pm – *FREE*

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