These days, it feels as if time moves at such a manic pace. Pieces of our city, Charlotte, are quickly replaced by apartments, shopping plazas filled with franchised stores, or potentially worse (depending on where you live in the Queen City), parking lots.

As has been told many times before, but I’ll recite here; when starting Reporting From 20XX, I had no idea I’d become a photographer in the process. Covering events in the scene just on written word though would never have been enough, and without a budget for it, I took up the task myself, and from 2018 to now, I’ve made the transition from blurry phone cameras to my own trusted DSLR, the Canon T7 Rebel.

I’ve studied history for a majority of my life, even to this day when it comes to favorite topics like music and gaming, but in doing so, the understanding comes that the past is always seconds away, the present barely exists, and the future can barely be grasped. In essence, that’s what I also fell in love with along with the neat capture techniques I’ve learned from other photographer experts in our area turned friends. We are a type of historian, and we hold in place with our pictures that which time makes crumble. The words in our practice may be forgotten, but a picture can easily strike up a memory of certain periods, and in practicing it, we make sure to pass down what was.

A favorite quote I’ve heard in film and television goes something like this; People can lie, but a camera can only tell you what’s in front of it. There is no way to lie once the flash goes off, and what results is the purest form of truth; A Glance At Time.

To start this new series that I hope to endure, please join me on not just what will be an encapsulation of histories in Charlotte and beyond, but the history of this platform, RF20XX, and the histories of those that I’m fortunate enough to come into contact with.

Late nights at one of our local venues on Central Avenue, Snug Harbor, are always full of activity on otherwise quiet evenings. However, once the work week ends at 5pm on Fridays, the type of shows the spot holds take on an even higher elevation of energy, and if you want in, you better be on time when doors open at 9pm.

Our local alt-drag company Carolina Creepshow seems well aware of this, and in one of the longer events I’ve covered in the drag scene, the ghouls-in-charge Vegas Van Dank, Bloody Mary, and King Perka Sexxx decided to break the night into two shows, ensuring not only enough ability for crowds to get in and enjoy a performance, but also brought in a staggering 14-name cast, including the spooky yet alluring Sigourney Beaver of Dragula fame. Despite the size of the group, when I tell you everyone ate, I mean they ate very, very well in what may go down as one of the best “Creepchella” shows to date for all involved.

Check below for the Best-Of shots at the event, and if you’re looking for a photographer for your event, shoot us an email at, or DM us at any of our social media platforms (IG, FB, Twitter), and we’ll get you set up!

Azreil Starr

Bloody Mary

Druzilla La Fae

Faith ‘N Mae

King Perka Sexxx

Liam Laughin

Molar Decay

Norvina Bram

Papa Xan

RC Cola

Sigourney Beaver

Susu Serenity

Vegas Van Dank

Void Quartz

Meet & Greets

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