“Reporting From 20XX” is the brainchild fusion platform, taking the face of an old-school X antagonist and using it for good, with weekly announcements, articles, & spotlights that target the Charlotte, North Carolina Music Scene while also reaching beyond to show love to other scenes and subjects. RF20XX is essentially aimed at all things indie, while keeping the message constant for music & gaming.

If you’re trying to find out what’s happening in the CLT Music Scene, Want more out of your playlists, or are in general curious about other genres of music, We Do Not limit ourselves to just our favorites, but also see ourselves as students that want to know everything, especially about the sounds we’ve never tapped into. Same goes for seeking out musicians around the country & world, same goes for gaming, indie or otherwise.

Stay up, follow our social media, because we are your best guide… when it comes to knowing the QC, and your world.

This…. is the year 20XX.

– Jonny G, Founder/Editor/Writer

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