Icon for Hire at The Rabbit Hole in Charlotte, NC – Nov.5th



Last night, Icon For Hire rocked the Rabbit Hole alongside Stitched Up Heart and Crank It Loud. All along the room, the crowd threw their hands as well as their heads, whether tuned into Ariel’s fiery character on vocals, the riffs and keystrokes courtesy of Shawn Jump, or the beats laid down by new face Shawn Wise. All and all, Icon for Hire brought life to a packed out show, laying down the path day by day toward their next album release, You Can’t Kill Us, set to ship on November 25th.

The strongly-named upcoming album might not simply come without it’s own story to tell. “You Can’t Kill Us” is Icon’s first independent album, fresh from the band breaking away from their past label, Tooth & Nail Records. Due to differences ranging from creative to ideological, the band separated themselves from an industry that constantly tries to mold artists to their liking.

Tearing away from their label meant finding a way to fund themselves and continue the work towards their vision. There seemed to be a period in between June 2015, with the simultaneous release of their EP, “Now You Know,” and early 2016 where no news, other than band drummerΒ Adam Kronshagen departed to take more time for his family life.


Icon for Hire at The Rabbit Hole; Charlotte, NC

Beginning on March 14th of this year, however, new life had come from nowhere with Icon’s announcement of a new album and a Kickstarter was created. Only for 30 days was it up and the limit, a mere $2,016 of hopes, was transcended by the love and adoration of fans world-wide, sending their pledges pass $100k. The power the fans can give back to those that truly inspire them is quite amazing to behold.

With the room and backing to better their art, Icon for Hire has been on tour since and releasing to the pledgee’s 3 songs every couple months in a release spanning the whole of 2016. Not only does the band use the title of their next album to highlight their struggles, it is also meant for the fans themselves, in a message of empowerment among the challenges that happen in life.

Their story, and their message is an inspiration to anyone, including this writer, that anything is possible against the greatest of odds. Make sure to check them out at their next few stops, touring with Stitched Up Heart, as well as to give a listen to “You Can’t Kill Us” on November 25th.


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