Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – 3 Reasons to Return to Mordor

Holy Game Releases, Batman! October 10th has dropped another big title among the many upcoming this month (Super Mario Odyssey, WWE 2K18, South Park: Fractured But Whole, etc), and while this writer still is working through the end of Mordor (See Backlog), here are the top 3 reasons you and I need to power on into War!

3.) The Bigger the Creature, the More Destructive the Chaos: Riding Dragons & Fighting Balrogs

I thought riding on top of Trolls in the last game was cool. Now, we get to have a go on top of the food chain when it comes to Middle-Earth; Dragons in the skies, Balrogs on the land. We all know the destructive nature with each, AND NOW WE’RE ABLE TO TAKE FULL CONTROL. With the game becoming bigger and laying more ground for which to travel, we’ll all be needing to take to the skies to reach higher towers, torching them with our enemies inside. Do I need to go into the reasons for awesome that accompany the Balrogs? 3 words; Giant Flame Whip. One almost took out Gandalf once, now we can all get up on his level within this battle.

2.) Middle-Earth Somehow got Bigger: Traversing the Open World

As far as open world environments go, I’m a huge fan. When Breath of the Wild popped out in March with the Nintendo Switch release, the idea of taking on every inch of Hyrule dominated my will. For many of us, however, Middle-Earth came first in our hearts. We got a good taste of it when Shadow of Mordor dropped (I’m still exploring & killing here), but the world just got bigger. Jumping into War looks as though I can take either of the journey’s I read/viewed in Tolkien’s books/Jackson’s films and make it my own. The larger world is calling, its up for us adventurers to answer. (Side-note: Sounds like a solid gaming day for the future)

1.) Nothing Will Be Forgotten: The Nemesis System

The one, singular point that sticks out to me is the return of the Nemesis System, aka I get to clear the field of Orc/Uruk captains and generals all over again. This became my addiction/fascination with Mordor when I first started playing the game, drawing me in and giving me multiple extra incentives to explore/do more inside the overworld. With the promise of better loot and the addition that my foes in Mordor will come back to battle in War, I’m ready and willing to once again enter the fray.

While I cannot say why it was I stopped playing Shadow of Mordor (because I’m terrible at finishing games), I can certainly say that I have much to look forward to in the future of this series. Whether you’re already out there as I write this, building your armies and taking your skills to the next level, or like me you’re racing to the finish of the previous title, Good Luck out there. Claim what is rightfully yours, good or evil!

– D. Sigma, Reporting in from 20XX

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