Koyobi Uplifts Fighting E-Sports into the Charlotte-Concord Area – An Inside Look

Charlotte, as a metropolitan hub, is a growing canvas. Amid the demolition of a few long-held favorite venues, others continue to pop up, and the grassroots hold them up and the scene together.

Gaming as an E-Sport is and has been on the rise for some time. In Charlotte, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has been held as a testing ground into introducing CLT into the fold that includes bigger fish, like Richmond or NYC. With the arcades on the low, sometimes it takes an effort from Fighting Game enthusiasts to introduce the culture of competitive gaming back for the upcoming generations as well as give vet’s an arena to test their skills.

Koyobi, LLC is one such group.

Brought into being on July 15th, 2016, and headed by faces such as Sterling Duncan and Yoel Kidd, Koyobi members combine their many resources and talents to bring free-play fighters for players young and veteran to hone their skills. With the raise in game-prices and with limited budgets, Koyobi’s event also gives access to those that may not otherwise have a chance to jump in. Their weekly events at Hotshots, in the Concord area, also give a chance to casual players that may be curious, benefiting all walks.

From the past classics like Marvel vs. Capcom to the present day edition of Tekken 7, the atmosphere is friendly in respect to exposure. On-lookers are always invited to bring their TV units and systems to share or train on. A certain nostalgia accompanies this aspect and is attractive. We build upon the roots that we put down, and groups like Koyobi are no different. Constantly, I find groups gathered in discussions about the gaming industry and where it will go next. Some will fan over their favorite characters making it into the fold, others rave in a humorous manner in past battles fought while brainstorming new tactics to take to the field. It is what rare sight for me to see so much going on in a more public place, bringing my thoughts to yesteryear.

E-Sports is a young yet prosperous venture, seemingly bringing back a vintage image of when arcade-goers would be swarmed around a cabinet, looking over the shoulders of would-be giants tackling the competition. It is vitally important that the face-to-face contacts continue, and events like that are important in that vision.

Koyobi, LLC hosts gaming  at the Hotshots establishment near Concord Mills every Monday Night, starting from 7pm to 12pm Midnight. If you’re ever curious to come see where the industry is at the grassroot level or want to test your might against fierce competitors, look nowhere else than here for your Weekday night outing. Free-entry & Free-to-play for all.

Stay Warned, Stay Informed. Reporting Live, From 20XX.

– D.Sigma

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