Happy New Year, From 20XX!!!! (A Message From Our Editor-in-Chief)

Readers, Friends, Followers,

It has been an utmost pleasure to write for you, as well as myself and my interests in the entertainment world. 2017 has been a great year, and though I’m writing this a day late, from the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank you for your support & your time.

With those important details in mind, make a pledge to you as well as myself to bring you the best coverage I can of events, to talk and debate more on the culture of gaming in all it’s aspects and nuances, to be an additional outlet and go-to for good music coming out of our Queen City Charlotte, and finally, to continue to cover the FGC and the rise of E-Sports in our area.

In the extra time that I recently have acquired to put toward these goals, I look forward to a fuller and funner year ahead. There will be challenges for this publication, time might not always be available, but I will put my best foot forward in order to bring to you as much as possible in this next year.

Thank you for everything, all. Let’s kick ass in this next edition of the century that is 20XX!


– Jonathan Golian, aka D. Sigma

(PS: Work starts up again on January 2nd, Can’t wait to hit you with some fresh content!)

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