Tournament Event Today! ReSe Returns to UNCC for A New Year of New Brawls!!

Hey All! Are you ready for the next year in competition? The collective of Charlotte’s FGC are back at it again with this month’s, and namely this year’s, 1st big Fighting Game Tournament in-town; Rock’em Sock’em at UNCC!!!

Below are the details for today’s event. This month, the offerings are…

At The Event:
– Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – Tekken 7 – Street Fighter V
– Injustice 2 – Street Fighter (Super Turbo Alpha 2/3) – Skull Girls: 2nd Encore
– BlazBlue – Guilty Gear
… Holders are also open to running any game brought up on the day of

ReSe is a BYOC (Bring your own controller) event. All adapters and controllers are allowed except for the Chronus brand of adapters.

This month, ReSe will be in the Popp Martin Student Union building on the 3rd floor.

*Weekend Parking is FreeΒ at UNCC, so feel free to take up the decks nearby*

Tourney Details:

  • Registration begins at 12pm and ends at 2pm.
  • Early Bird Registration is for the first 2 weeks of registration and only applies to paid registration. (You have the option of registering but paying for the event at the door, there is no discount for this)
  • Brackets for all games are made at registration closing!

Start Times:
– Tekken 7 (2:30 pm)
– MvCI (2:30 pm)
– SFV (3 – 4 pm)
– Injustice 2 (3 – 4 pm)

Start Time: 3pmΒ  (Will Start with Largest Bracket)
– SF (Super Turbo Alpha 2/3) – Guilty Gear – BlazBlue – Skull Girls – Mortal Kombat

Venue – $10
Majors – $10
Minors – $5
Spectating and Casual Play – *FREE*

Majors – 65/20/15 Minors – Determined by bracket size but usually 80/20 or winner take all

8+ man bracket 65/20/15 Up to 7 man Bracket and Round Robin 80/20

Streams: In Case You Need To Check the Competition From Work
Main Stream
Tekken Stream

Come on out if you can, support your local gaming scene, and lastly…


Reporting Live, From 20XX
– D. Sigma

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