From The Top: 20XX Bulletin for 9/17 – 23

Happy Monday, All!!

This week, I’m premiering a Weekly News Post, to be freshly updated along with the front page Every Monday.

To help with the calendar we’re working on, this is to give you, the reader, an edge on who’s gonna be playing in our area & what to gear up for in gaming.

So go out & check out some events. With the hurricane scare behind us, what better way to get out of the house this week than some live music & gaming with the community!

Mobile Game Events
Final Fantasy Dissidia Omnia Opera – Sept. 17th: Maria (FFII) Character Release

Fate Grand Order – 9/13 to 9/26: The Return of Nero Fest (Fall ’18)

Out This Week:
– Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk (PS4, Switch) – Sept. 18th

Local Music Releases

9/20 – Neighborhood Theatre
– Jump, Little Children: Album Release Party w/ SonderBlue @ 8pm

9/21 – Snug Harbor
– VOLK (EP Release) w/ The Business People, The Phantom Friends, Cheveron @ 10pm

Upcoming CLT Gaming Tournaments/Events
9/17 – Koyobi X Hotshots by Concord Mills @ 7pm
9/19 – Potions & Pixels – Board Game Night at 7th Street Public Market @ 6pm
9/21 – Set-Play at Get Some Game @ 7pm
9/22 – Mario Kart Tournament at TNB @ 2pm
– Rushdown: The Koyobi Battle Center at Taco Mac (Univ.) @ 12pm

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