Music Preview: The Artisanals & The High Divers Duo @ The Evening Muse

In the last few days of September, we come to the last few performances before the Charlotte Scene goes into a spook-tacular frame of mind. With The Artisanal’s self-titled first full-length album coming live tonight at the Evening Muse, I couldn’t imagine a better send-off.

As a little background, The Artisanal’s are comprised of self-described musical brothers, each from a different source and background. Johnny Delaware has come a long way from his humble beginnings in South Dakota to be in the Charleston Scene. Meeting up with Luke Mitchell of The High Divers, our other Charleston-natives playing tonight, set him on course from Austin, Texas, to South Carolina, where Delaware would also find musical kinship in Clay Houle, Josh Hoover, and Eric Mixon. Together, The Artisanals were born, putting out their first LP in 2016. Tonight’s main playlist though, from their recent release, is but days old, hitting iTunes & Spotify on September 21st.

Combing through from the start, a double take is needed from track to track. The Intro’s sitar blends seamlessly into Angel 42, a slowed chilled country folk tune. I love the imagery, the glimpses into the future still a couple, as well as the out-in-orbit descriptions, but the center of 42 being his dreams of her. The sound & vocals call strongly to The Eagles heyday with a mix of John Mellencamp atmosphere that must be lived in for the moments.

“First Time” covers the romanticized recollection of a first love, even the awkward details strewn along the lyrics to give believability to the account. It’s fun doesn’t eclipse the feeling each of us share about that special moment in the past; you always remember your first.

“The Artisanals” mixes much of the group’s musical tastes & roots into something new & special. Throughout the album are traces of Tom Petty, before drifting off to some light pop-rock. It’ll be interesting to see how much of this translates into the den of The Evening Muse.


Paired up & up first on stage tonight are The High Divers. Much like our headliner, Luke Mitchell’s entourage also released their latest collection this year in the form of Chicora. Both bands have a tenacity for bringing back the flavor of days past; Chicora’s “Weighing on My Mind” plays up a relaxed backdrop reminiscent of Heart, mixed in lovingly with the dream-like vocals & chorus, for instance. Much of the album itself, flavored by extended mid-tempo instrumentals and Mitchell’s voice, soothes one into a tropical state-of-mind, possibly inspired from their home in SC.

The Evening Muse will be opening its doors to the public at 10pm, with the show starting at 10:30pm. Come out & feel the vibes our south-bound dynamic band duo will be dishing the Charlotte Scene!

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