A Eulogy for Creative Loafing & Notice for Aspiring Writers

It has come to our attention over this past week that after 31 years, Creative Loafing of Charlotte, our local culture magazine covering events & supporting the grassroots of music, small business, and movements within our immediate area has closed its doors. As well, all of its staff had been let go, creating an uncertain future for the incoming “online-only” version, released under new owner Alex Womack’s “Womack Digital LLC.”

Creative Loafing Twitter.JPG

This magazine was important for a number of reasons, including the spotlighting of underground artists within the Charlotte region & beyond trying to make moves & garner support for their various mediums. CL highlighted the evolution of local culture, whether that be the transformation of the local landscape or bringing attention to what makes Charlotte a beast to behold.

It, most importantly, brought to the forefront the gentrification of our city, where over the last few years multiple venues had been bought out and erased from our Queen City, all for the asking price of Free; free to pick up a copy wherever they were available, free to look at online, primarily because it should be free to stay informed about what makes our grand city tick, and amidst the technological changes illuminating our world, it was still a paper to sit down with, to take in with a favorite hot beverage, and slow down time for maybe a few moments in the monotony of life.

We need this in Charlotte, we need people to go out & see our many talents, to talk about the scene, to spread love. We are an ever-growing entity, and it hurts to see one of the mags I regularly reveled in scooping up to see what was coming up go up in smoke.

Therefore, Reporting From 20XX is looking for local writers, lovers of the various shades of our scenes, and overall enthusiasts of Charlotteโ€™s region to participate in the effort to bring those talents, entrepreneurs, businesses, & happenings to life.

Whether itโ€™s a small addition to the regular schedule, an op-in on our various points of entertainment in Charlotte, or happenings that should be known upon our landscape, we want you in order to fill the hole left open by local reporting.

Shoot me an email at jgolian1069@gmail.com, send me a message on our Facebook page, or comment on our WordPress platform. Please also feel free to share this message with friends & those interested in the local arts.

& as always, thanks for reading.

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