LazerGrrl’s World of Zaps: Indie Spotlight

Quick question: What happens when you combine the blast-happy speed of Bomberman, add in building elements of an RTS, and throw in real-time action into the mix? Sandwich Generation has created a surprising answer to this, in the form of the neon-clad battlefield that is LazerGrrl, an up-&-coming indie title on its way out later this month!

Players take to their side of the field, where they have 3 types of blocks to choose from; A Connector, A Lazer, and an Energy Generator. Combining these across the field is the name of the game, in order to take down the opponent’s base as quickly as possible, or the other player themselves.

Having something more than your avatar to protect makes the challenge greater than a typical Bomberman match any day. The other element, the creativity one can display when looking to protect their base and take the opponents is immense.


Right now, only the basic map is out for browsers, but on the official launch, Sandwich Generation’s got in the works fields that mix-up how players will have to plan their strategies. As well, the studio is looking to link up as much as 8-players in a Battle-Royale style situation that harks back to War/Starcraft’s RTS maps.

As of the moment, the team is still perfecting the game’s engine and honing it for release on bigger platforms, including the Nintendo Switch & Steam on PC, but you can play it now in its base form by clicking this link.

Sandwich Generation also has a Kickstarter up for those that would like to offer their support. The smallest reward is just $6, and includes a copy of the game on launch, as well as throwing up updates as they come out of the projects progress. The link to that page is presented here, with the studio’s mission statement & various goal rewards.

In my time playing through rounds, they come quick and fast even when playing against the computer. There’s definitely a slight learning curve, but once a player gets the hang of the mechanics, it’s all about how a player wants to build their base and sort the pieces, an atmosphere I’d lightly liken to a good chess match.

Check it out, play against your favorite people is this mad grab of laser domination, and above all, please support the project if you can!!!

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.

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