December Update & Status: What’s Been Up?

Hey All, Greetings from the United Arab Emirates!!!

So, as I should have put up way, way earlier, my main job in the real world had put it out that I’d be flying overseas for work. Since being out here, I’ve honestly done nothing but that, although I do plan on, in the next few days, want to sum up some of my explorations into a few blog posts.

In any case, Tonight I fly out of here after 3 weeks, and will be resuming my normal mix-ups on Charlotte’s scene, but hopefully you all have seen a new face out there, rising up from the ashes of our former cultural mag? More on that soon as well.

Dear readers, I hope the month of December has been good to you, and that our fair city has had little luck in icing you all over (Ha ha, it’s Charlotte though…). I miss the place, and I can’t wait to join you all again upon touchdown.

COMING IN 2019: A New Format on posts, Regular (hopefully more consistent) reporting, New Collaborations, and in general a whole new year of Gaming, Music, and more!!! (I haven’t been completely still while out in the desert ^_^;;)

Seeya Soon!!!

Sincerely, Your Friendly Neighborhood Reporter,

– D. Sigma, aka J. Golian

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