Reporting From 20XX – A Word on 2019

With the Broly Movie Review going Live Today, and it being the first post/write-up for us in 2019, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the blog/platform a bit to say what we’re gearing up for this year.

2018 was a GREAT year, jam-packed with more writing/spots/reviews than I’d put out combined in the first 2 years this platform has been around, and I want to personally, at least from this page, thank each and every one of you that interacted with me out in the Charlotte Music Scene, to all my gaming groups in CLT making big moves & reaching their own goals out in the city & beyond, and to all those that have come to look forward to when I do throw out some work.

I also want to say that, after some time out of the ‘States for work in the day job, that I don’t think I do enough, am pushing myself or this platform hard enough, and could be doing so much more for the scene here in Charlotte & need to recognize in myself that with everyone else pushing it to the limit, I need to undergo a few transformations myself here. I wholeheartedly don’t think I’ve been doing all that I’m capable of, and in 2019, we’re going to see more here because not only does the community deserve more, but I deserve more out of me as a writer.

So, in 2019;

– More Local Music & Videos will be posted, including all of those from the end of 2018
– Retro-Content will be up every Thursday, and our Twitch channel will be on the go with many of the playthroughs, so I hope to see ya’ll join in on Sunday-Mondays for those open slots.

– With Charlotte’s Gaming Scene on the move toward a much bigger future, we’ll be teaming up with such groups as Potions & Pixel’s & Full Time Geeks to co-sponsor content about the Indie scene as well as the many aspiring creators out there deserving of some love. All love to support those making the dream happen in real-time.

– And finally, we’re aiming to have 2 to 3 posts up a week, varying on life, but not to overbook the schedule. To do right by ya’ll, this is what I think needs to be a staple, as well as highlighting anything happening with each other’s groups. We’re all in this together, in my eyes, so I’m all in.

2019’s got so much to offer everyone, and with the many releases in store (Today in particular Kingdom Hearts III), I hope to do so much, because I know I can, and we as a community know we can.

And so it is, as it was, as it ever shall be, another chapter in the saga that is the year 20XX.

See ya out there,

– Jonny G, Editor-in-Chief, Reporting From 20XX

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.

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