The Business People w/ Little Bird at The Evening Muse – Charlotte Music Reel

Happy Monday, All!

Charlotte was a cold & rainy mess, over the course of Friday & Saturday, but I hope you still got the chance to go out and enjoy it anyhow. This week, we were back at The Evening Muse to see The Business People, CLT Powerhouses, put on a good presentation while Charleston’s Little Bird “flapped in” to join them.

Here are a couple highlights from the Saturday show, with no amount of rain stopping the crowd from showing out;

Artist: The Business People
Song:  Bitte (Live)
Album/EP: Summer 2018
Venue: The Evening Muse

Word from the band themselves is that 2019 is going to be an epic year, with *new* music being produced in the studio. May will especially be big, as they’ll be the headliners for Snug Harbor’s Residency Series, so definitely come out & support our hometown heroes as they strive through that process.

For More links to their stuff: FacebookBandcamp, & Reverbnation. You can also hit up their Spotify Here.

 Little Bird
Song:  “Saturday” & “Sunday” (Song Mash-up) (Live)
Album/EP: Groove
Venue: The Evening Muse

Little Bird hails from our sister city in Charleston, SC. It’s always awesome to see our town & theirs playing at a show together here, since our scenes actually have quite a bit in common. Right now, Little Bird is on a short East Coast tour, so check them out & show some love if they’re in your area.

For the tour & more info on the band, including sounds from their new April 2018 album “Familiar”, go to their site here. Here’s their Facebook, Bandcamp, & Spotify too.

That’s all for this week’s Charlotte Music Reel. Stay Tuned for next week’s set to see some more spotlights into our hometown artists & beyond!

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