The New Word on Mondays: A RF20XX Sponsor Update

Hey all!

It’s been a week & weekend of recovery, partly from the main gig supporting all that we do here, as well as getting the word out & working with CLT’s various underground groups. By now, I can promise you I’m up & energized after a few dirt naps; Under Sigma’s visage, we may fall at times, but a “true villain” always finds their way back in other forms. In saying this, We at RF20XX have some news to bring forth;

In supporting local groups in around Charlotte, whether in the pursuit of boosting our FGC, Local Musicians in spreading the soundwaves, or in general exposing developments in CLT to grow them from seed to florish, we believe here that it is also important to participate in them, to gain a greater understanding of our audience as well as being part of the fun.

And so, Starting this Monday, we will hold a station during the latter half of Koyobi Gaming’s Weekly Sessions at Hotshot’s, near Concord Mills.

Each week, a different game will be on display for the public to play aside many of the great fighters our boys present, all of which being hand-picked for the occasion. That being said, We want to hear from You!!! 

What do you want to see? What have you heard about that’s a curiosity, maybe something you don’t know is a good fit, but yet you’d love to try? Fill our ranks with comments & messages, all recommendations are welcome!

Special thanks to Koyobi Gaming for the privilege & invitation to be a small part of their proceedings, and in the coming months, we here at 20XX look forward to speaking with our other homegrown groups within the area on more appearances & events to come!

Stay tuned to our blog-site & various social media for details! And thanks again to our regular readers for supporting us! See you all soon…

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.


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