Concert Spotlight: Fest in Peace @ Petra’s – March 30th

Happy Weekend, All!!

I hope you’re getting to enjoy the nice weather out in the Charlotte area, which thankfully with it has come a multitude of events scoured around the city.

Tonight, one of those events commemorates the legacy of Jerry Brown, former co-owner of Petra’s, one of the city’s most beloved music hubs on the corner of Commonwealth & Thomas St. While it’s been nearly 3 years since his passing, Jerry Brown’s spirit stands with the place he helped cultivate, whether that was to help support aspiring artists & nurturing their talents, or by having a safe place for residents & natives alike for people to be themselves in whatever form they chose. Fest in Peace plays to Brown’s legacy, and celebrates the life he led while we live in the way he would have liked; supporting & celebrating the local scene while partying up with friends & loved ones!

All the proceeds tonight will be going toward Time-out Youth, a support, advocacy, and education organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth ages 13-23 in the greater Charlotte area. This is an important benefit for our kids growing up in today’s culture that they have a place to go to where they feel safe & can interact with staff that can give the understanding they need to become better for themselves as individuals, so come out if you can & support the endeavor.

Today’s Band Schedule, as per their Facebook Page;
4:30 – School of Rock Charlotte House Band
5:30 – Stress Fractures

6:30 – $1000 Movie

7:30 – Monty Mak

8:30 – 7thSoana aka Black Linen

9:30 – Faye

10:30 – GASP

11:30 – The Business People


5pm – Charles Walker

6pm – heckdang

7pm – Brut Beat

8pm – Chócala

9pm – Shutterings


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