Heckdang Takes Us Thru Loss with New Release “Never Left Home”

It’s always a proud day in the Queen City when one of our local artists drops a big release, and today Charlotte Music Vets Heckdang released their new EP “Never Left Home” on all channels for the public’s listening pleasure. If you’re a hardcore or even casual Milestone attendee or a Snug fan, chances are you’ve crossed the band’s path once or twice headlining or at one of the city’s fests.

The members of heckdang (left to right): Phillip Calhoun, Magda Criswell, and Cole Brooks.

Never Left Home is an ambitious follow up to heckdang’s self-released 2018 three song debut. Mixed and mastered by Scoops Dardaris (Diva Sweetly, Hate Club, Prince Daddy & The Hyena) and released through Croquet Records, Never Left Home is honest and raw on expressing loss. Each song focuses on different types of loss – loss of self-identity; loss of friendships and relationships; and loss of loved ones.

While each loss is different, they share the same idea of pain and stagnation, presenting the loss as something uncontrollably happening around the songwriter. The EP is book-ended by the lyrics, “I spent last year in a basement” and, “Then why am I still here.” heckdang expresses these ideas passionately and gracefully without sacrificing tangible pain.


Their work is reminiscent of bands such as Looming, Manchester Orchestra, and early The World Is a Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, bands whose heaviness comes from a place of sheer emotional weight as well as punk influence.

The sound of Never Left Home ranges from droning shoegaze-inspired guitars of the opener “Prior Things” to the driving punk-inspired drums of “Mushrooms” and the quiet piano and horn arrangement of the closing track, “Presbyterian.”

A bit about the band itself; Formed in 2017, the band’s steady members, with Magda Criswell on bass & vocals, Phillip Calhoun on guitar, and Cole Brooks on drums, have been playing music together since high school and were all members of the now defunct Charlotte band Pink Pots. As referenced earlier, their first release was the 3-track EP 19 Years in 2018.

“Never Left Home” is now available on all streaming services, as well as on their bandcamp. Tune in today, and perchance come out tomorrow as they celebrate with the new EP’s Release Party, right here in the Charlotte Area. It’ll be the last chance natives get before they embark on an East Coast tour scheduled all through May!!


Tour Schedule:

5/18 – Ritter House – Charlotte, NC (EP Release show)
5/20 – La Pata Fria – Newark, DE
5/21 – Barbary – Philadelphia, PA
5/22 – Muchmores – New York, NY
5/23 – Crunch House – Hartford, CT
5/24 – The Green Thumb – Boston, MA
5/25 – The Nightosphere – Albany, NY
5/26 – Mill Hill Basement – Trenton, NJ
5/27 – Flemington DIY – Flemington, NJ
5/28 – Dwell – Washington, DC
5/29 – Space Litter Records – Richmond, VA

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