The Dirty Low Down Goes Deeper with “Shameless”: Single Review

Fresh off of many releases happening over 2019, with the year coming to close, The Dirty Low Down drop their newest “Shameless” today as they get ready for The Milestone Club’s Annual Welcome To The Family Fest on Friday.

This song for the band marks a somewhat quieter transition, as the song leads in with isolated instrumentals, building up over time into the full band. Given the subject they’re tackling with themselves, this draws listeners into the lyrics moreso than their previous drop, “Disregard”.

The Dirty Low Down

Without using the word, “Shameless” circles its subject of emotional un-response by circling the dilemma. I liked this direction because there isn’t a central cause to be applied here, which I think vibes better with us, the audience, in that we can create that cause or relate the responses to a memory closer to home.

The ends of the 2 sets of verses, without a clear chorus or breakdown, are telling in a message I felt the band wanted to create with the song, with the drop of “Don’t be concerned ’cause, better now feel this than that”, or “It’s not my fault it doesn’t exist, think back to the moments I missed”. An additional layer of instrumentals added in halfway through the song carries it to its climax, giving it an extra burst at the end before cooling off. This track feels more heartfelt & closer to home than the rest of the catalogue, making it both it’s own and standing out a little, giving us a sense that there’s much more to the band than meets the eye.

“Shameless” is now on all streaming platforms. Check out the track today and let us (& the band) know what you think on their FB page or Bandcamp. This Friday, they’ll be playing this song & the rest live for The Milestone’s annual Welcome To The Family Fest, taking over with a weekend of music featuring local bands & favorite visitors to their stage. Doors Open at 4pm, and the music starts at 5pm, so go give them some love this weekend!

Spotify: “Shameless” Single Release



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