Courtney Lynn & Quinn At The Visulite Theatre: A Retrospect In Sound

For the Charlotte Scene in 2019, a word that can be bolded and underline several times without count for the year would have to be “growth”, and that especially goes for the duo Courtney Lynn & Quinn. In the last year, not only did they make powerful moves throughout our city, touring and leaving their marks on many of our beloved venues, but all the while working at their sophomore project, the Remiss EP, which released today, 1/18, on multiple major streaming platforms. It might be easy enough to state aloud and track their routes as they pass through with the constantly evolving magic of their music, but the evolution itself deserves its own examination.

Left to Right: “Wander Years” (2017) & “Remiss” (2020)

“Wander Years” is the freshman album, released under Courtney Lynn’s then stand-alone setup, to be brought to the surface, exposing the band to the public as roots began to take hold in the Queen City back in 2017. Despite the title, the duo’s union is also apparent here, as it has been at each of their appearances, from Hattie’s Tavern to Thomas Street Tavern. “Wander Years” feels soft, with the arrangement & mixing encompassing the band’s stylings in a more heartfelt manner, even when dealing with harsher subjects being exposed in “Change”.

In both bigger releases, Love is a central vibe and theme, and I think it does well in connecting to others in any audience lucky enough to cross paths with the group, and this is especially true in the former album. The gloss is nice, warm, and preaches as well the search for understanding, whether that dots on coming to it or the endless trek to find it, underscored by both the title & in tracks like “Set Me Free” and “Wandering Soul”.

With “Remiss” in comparison, it’s easy to see the sophomore outing to be a branch-out from what made “Wander Years” great & making the next effort greater by tackling familiar emotions with a bit of grit. Audiences got a taste of that sharper edge with “Tired” & “Fire” over the course of 2019, and the 4 tracks added onto the stack truly bring the EP & duo home under their now collective title, the one much of Charlotte knows them by and soon the East Coast will too, as after their EP Release show at the Visulite Theatre the group will be departing for their first coastal tour.

The mess that love can create and the push ‘n’ pull of sticking with it shatters the vibes off of “Wander Years” and reassembles it in a dynamic way, evident in tracks like “Forgive You” & “Running”. The new EP is an immense marking point in the couple’s musical career together, as they strive to do so much in their transplant home of the Queen City.

Tonight is the night of Courtney Lynn & Quinn’s EP Release Show at The Visulite Theatre. Take a listen at our primer for the performance tonight, and let us know if you feel the same as we do. Better yet, come through & experience them live along with their friends Kaska Sun and Darby Wilcox, playing in support of tonight’s affair! Hope to see you there!!

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