The Hump Day Flex: Maverick Stash – Week of 1/22

Happy Hump-Day, CLT Scene & Beyond!!

It’s been a bit of a “Rest Week” that RF20XX is currently on so far as being out in the scene, but a decent amount of that energy has been plotted out way waaaay to do a little more of a revival for the WordPress main platform, aka where it all started, folks.

On a weekly basis, we’re going back to more offerings, such as this, which I’ll hereby dub “The Maverick Stash”. All in one place, you can get the most recent episodes of all the CLT Music Podcasts as well as where we hit the prior week in the CLT Scene (or in distant lands beyond, something for later).

This week, We jumped back into the Something Good For You Podcast, Modern Moxie hit us with a new music video, Mike Phillips of Van Huskins interviewed one of CLT’s most revered outfits, and Courtney Lynn & Quinn debuted their EP “Remiss” at the Visulite Theatre! Come check out the feed, take a look, & listen in!

Seeya out there in the scene!!!

CLT Music/News Scene Podcasts

Gabba Gabba Huh? Epi. 4 by Mike Phillips (Van Huskins)
Something Good For Ya Epi. 58 by Alex Stiff & James Capell (The Fill Ins) feat. Jonny G. (RF20XX)
Nooze Hounds Epi. 9 by Ryan Pitkin & Justin LaFrancois (QC Nerve)
WFAE’s Amplifier by Joni Deutsch feat. Modern Moxie
Spit In My Face Podcast: Epi. 301 feat. Alexander Author

CLT Music Scene: Live Sets & Videos

Modern Moxie – Till I’m a Ghost
Courtney Lynn & Quinn – “Tired” Live off of the “Remiss” EP

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.

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