BadCameo Takes Us For An Interstellar Ride with “Neon Souls”: EP Review

Funk, as a genre, treads a lot of ground when it comes to experimentation. Much of what’s loved about it is the easy build up to something more erratic, culminating into a way of moving in mind and soul that doesn’t have to put a listener on their feet, but will open up the horizons and jet them into another galaxy. Bad Cameo, with their new EP Neon Souls, does that perfectly within the time it takes to clear a short trip to the store and back, but all the while will leave your brain floating in their far-out world of infused instrumentals.

Kicking off this 4-piece collection with an attention-grabbing bang is the opening track, “Groove Line Nine”. Beginning with a relaxed yet upbeat ascension before breaking down with the guitar and adding in a bit of free-styled action moves the track through like a rollercoaster in the mind. The electricity that nearly 4 minutes generates can bring a listener off the wall and into a quick dance trance, easily making it a great starter for any of the band’s events as well as a good way to spread the word of their spread of sound.

The next new track “Heartbreak” slows everything down and dims the lights into a faint glow, coming through with a partly classic rock feel. Lando Pieroni, handling the main vocals with love and care here, digs deep to pull out the soul at the heart of the song. Paired together with Will Huesman eased guitar riffs, Geoff Weber’s piano providing the perfect background atmosphere, and Dan Mead’s calculated additions on drums, the mood totally changes and incases listeners in a song befitting a late night jazz session.

The 2019 tracks paired with the newer 2020 releases, “Colors and Shapes” and “Hey, See More” complete the EP, matching energy with the other two and striking a balance to make a great release. “Colors and Shapes” comes in between “Groove Line Nine” and “Heartbreak”, connecting in cues from both. The flow holds from “Groove”, but slows the rollercoaster speed, bringing the ride down while keeping the active groove, moving through the audience as they slow the dance down enough to lay a smooth layer of lyrics. Drums get a tick up here along with the dual guitars up front, making this one of the most important tracks on the EP.

BadCameo performing at “The Pour House”

“Hey, See More” closes shop by bringing up the tempo and keeping a mostly consistent flow, yet shares the most synergy with “Groove” by bumping the track at key places to throw the audience off guard for the climax. The lyrics bring a wistful imagery to the fray, navigating through memories and what if’s alongside the instrumentals, the jazz guitar and constant drum section the stars of the show. All and All, the placement brings the set together and concludes with earnest energy.

Funky and futuristic, BadCameo really asserts themselves into a new age live ceremony of instruments, mixed with a self-described voice of eternity. This band’s sound creates authentic influences and pure substance that embraces the past in multiple genres and creates their own influences to inject into the future. This project is an example of timeless classics that will rescue emotional times and release formatted melodies for the soul.

“Neon” Souls releases today, 2/29/2020, on all streaming platforms, so if you’re not lucky enough to get into the release show happening at The Evening Muse, jump onto the Spotify link and see what we’re talking about. In this way, you don’t need a ticket to ride this train of good vibrations.

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