The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 7/27 to 8/2

Whether you’re on FB full-time infinitely scrolling on the wall, or out in the world seeking your fortunes, Welcome to the link that sums up what happened in the local music scene ICYMI!

Hey CLT Scene & Beyond! We back on it this week with a bit of “new” as we keep up on other content being offered on Twitch, finally a nice mix on both the music & gaming fronts. If you’re not in on it yet, we’ve been putting any new videos or past productions from anyone that’s visited our area up front, so even if games aren’t your thing, come thru and see what we’ve scooped up to expose you to. Slowly though, we’re also putting our hands back on a few write-ups, so keep your eyes out and check out our featured artists each week!

That being said, let’s roll the tape and see what you’ve might’ve missed this past week!

~~~~~~~~~ This Week’s Featured Artist: Todd Johnson & The Revolvers ~~~~~~~~~~

Todd Johnson & The Revolvers Break The Silence with “Use Some Company”: EP Review


~~~~~~~~~ Video’s From the Live Feed ~~~~~~~~~~

BadCameo’s “Pink Leather” – Released 7/31/2020
Thunder Jackson’s “Led Astray” – Released 7/8/2020
Hello Luna’s “Sound and Sorrow” – Released 12/19/2016

~~~~~~~~~ New Music For This Week ~~~~~~~~~~

BadCameo’s “Pink Leather” – Released 7/30/2020
Fear Until Fury’s “Concrete” – Released 7/31/2020
Sunday Boxing’s “Your Ghost” – Released 7/31/2020
Heckdang’s “November 9th, 5am” – Released 7/24/2020

F^#k it, we’ll do it LIVE! Listen to our 2nd Something Good LIVE from Facebook on July 24th 2020. We listen to your calls and answer a ton of questions (like favorite serial killers), talk about a dildo thief, and have a great time with the live chat!

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Gabba Gabba Huh Talks! Epi. 21 feat. Sunday Boxing

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Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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