BadCameo’s “Pink Leather”, Fear Until Fury’s “Concrete”, & Sunday Boxing’s “Your Ghost”: Singles Review

Hey All! In the light of what’s going on currently around the world, with local artists constantly releasing bits here and there out of the studio, RF20XX will be following the crumbs along the way with the reviews to follow, culminating in collection send-ups! Look forward to these along our full album reviews, to be released every Friday!

Without further ado, let’s check out the newest tracks from this week’s first set of 3!!!

In the unique swagger and mystical style BadCameo employs with many of their tracks, that sentiment isn’t lost on the Covid release of “Pink Leather”. The airy track puts our current confines in the center and paints in a sexually sassy picture, not dwelling on any lonely feeling.

For all our mainstream heads, “Sweater Weather” was a theme used by “The Neighborhood”, true, but BadCameo kills it with a bit more style, not pushing or pulling in the quick lyrics, but allows the audience to vibe and visualize themselves with someone to get close with. We’re inside for a good duration of now & into the Fall, so find someone you like getting close with and unwind over this track.

Giving Gray all of the attitude, “Concrete” is a worthy almost literal headbanger coming out of the Fear Until Fury studio sessions. Without any second thought, the track depicts images of George Floyd and the energy of the movement surrounding him, where thousands continue to stand up to demonstrate, even in the face of the opposition cracking down on individuals (“Face down on the Concrete, Looking up at you, Looking down at me”).

While Rock has always been about many things, Rebellion is a core cause, and the band uses that drive to show how they feel in the current era, giving vibes of P.O.D.’s “Youth of the Nation” in the midst of school shootings. Kevin Ross as the lead vocalist loses no time at all in being that force of spirit, communicating what it means to be on the other end. “Concrete” is a simultaneous raising of banners and a sign of strength for those that fight to remain unbroken by what’s going on.

Debuting the first single off of their future EP, Sunday Boxing’s “Your Ghost” plays onto the best laid plans and what sticks around after things don’t turn out. Even after, in the background of our minds, we always carry the “what if’s”, shadowing our movements just under the surface (“I growed up, I left my shell, but the plans we made are going to hell”).

The band brings their sound in to carry the lament and the wanting of catching the missed opportunity. The track itself lays down its explosive instrumentals and never lets up, letting listeners ride the wave of Sunday Boxing’s D.I.Y. styling of Grunge Rock, never overwhelming the lyrics or ousting any element of the 3-man setup. “Your Ghost” is a energizing banger as well as a promising preview into the next evolution of their sound.

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