The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 8/17 to 8/23

Another Week, a Step further toward the hopeful breakout that will come for us in the CLT Scene. What’s going on ya’ll? I’m late into the night wrapping this bad-boy up, all nice & neat only to blow your minds with a whirlwind of sound! We’ve got a little bit of everything in this entry’s drop. From the combo beat-squad DamarTheEmcee & Marc Spano, to looking back with Yeh’s Nostalgia, and getting a musical visit in with sorely missed faces in Sub-Madonna, the new music out this week is plentiful!

Also check out our new mix-up with videos off of the streams! With taking the gaming & news sessions to a twice-a-week deal, Sunday’s & Thursday’s both have their own brand of special offerings ready & waiting! Both days will feature names & faces out of our local Charlotte Scene, but on Sundays, we’ll pick a different region each week for a new mystery band vid that’s likely to surprise both sides of the screen! No, we don’t pre-watch our finds, why ruin it? So come in at 8pm both days for a couple weekly doses of what you miss ~

Are you behind? Then come in and see what you missed! The Weekly Wrap Starts here!

~~~~~~~~~ Video’s From the Live Feed ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~ New Music For This Week ~~~~~~~~~~

Namaste by DamarTheEmcee & Marc Spano
Nostalgia by Yeh
Shack Up! by Hipshack
Demos by Sub-Madonna
Twilight by Robert Kirkland

We at RF20XX got back with the Gents at the helm of the SG Network for this week’s episode! With Cap back in the studio, we sat down to discuss the age of Napster & Limewire, internet in apartment complexes, as well as pull back the curtain on the early days of Jonny G at AMC. Also up, we talk the recent court hearings of the Big Tech 4 and debate the possibility of Apply buying Nintendo (ain’t gonna happen)!!!

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This week, as I take a break from interviews, I’m trying a different format for Radio! If you’re a subscriber to the Patreon, you’ve heard the great outtakes from my interviews, but if not, you’ll get a little taste here! I’ve mixed outtakes with songs related to those episodes (as well as included a couple of songs from bands I haven’t talked to yet), to make this a bit of a hybrid episode. These outtakes aren’t edited as much as the full episodes, so you’ll hear me stuttering, and the levels probably aren’t where they should be, but I’m okay with it. This won’t be the new normal, but it is something you can expect every now and then!

Songs for Radio 18:
Dark Sun Kult – Hollow Man
Brandy and the Butcher – Carolina Uber Alles
Will•Saint Creek – Set Up
Sunset Cemetery – Running to Nowhere
The Mighty Good Ship – That’s Not Reality
Self Made Monsters – Rubber Room
Sub-Madonna – Loose Ends

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Know something we don’t? See anything we missed on this line-up? Hit us in the comments to the article, or at any of our social media pages marked below!

Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.

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