The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 8/24 to 8/30

HOLY LATE POST, BATMAN!!! It’s been a busy week for RF20XX, and it’s about to get busier, so on the rule of “better late than never”, we’re releasing last week’s edition of the Wrap on the very appropriate #throwbackthursday.

This week’s collection brings our man Ian Pasquini back to the front with another video while we look back at Bergenline’s War Zone at Snug Harbor. Also included in this week’s music releases are area underground legends Jah Freedom & Phaze Gawd, Sunday Boxing with #3 of their EP countdown, and T. Dubya with a bit of Folk. Finally, The SGFY Podcast cracks time & space to bring out a *Patreon Exclusive* project out in the open, gathering the Couch Brotatos to discuss Dark Knight lore, and Gabba Gabba Huh?’s Mike Phillips sits down with Matt Estevez of The F-use in the newest Talks episode.

Are you behind? Then come in and see what you missed! The Weekly Wrap Starts here!

~~~~~~~~~ Video’s From the Live Feed ~~~~~~~~~~

Bergenline – War Zone
Ian Pasquini – Just Fine

~~~~~~~~~ New Music For This Week ~~~~~~~~~~

Local Hero – Sunday Boxing
Shark’s Fin Cafe – Jah Freedom
New Force by Sybll Module
Some Kinda Light – T. Dubya
Lakwit (Self-Titled Album) – Lakwit
Core – Machine PNG
Road To Knowhere – Hitchhikers (silenthilltds)
AyoPhazoGo! – Phaze Gawd
Never Alone – Bergenline

This week, in a special Spotify Release, THE COUCH BROTATOS INVADE FROM THE SOMETHING GOOD NETWORK!!! In this session, the boys talk about the new Batman trailer that dropped during DC Fandome, then take some time to talk about the Batman movies so far; from 90s Burton era to Justice League. Who claims what as their favorite era?!

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In the middle of another “break”, Mike Phillips talked to Matt Estevez, singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, songwriter for The F-use! He’s releasing a new single today, and you have to hear it! The gents conversate about how Matt developed a love for music that’s taken him through bands with his brother to From the Gun, through music school, and now re-inventing his own band, The F-use! He may now be a Nashville musician, but he’s Carolina born and raised, so we still accept him as one of our own! ~

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Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.

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