The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 8/31 to 9/6

Happy Post-Labor Day Weekend!! I know, I know, we keep missing Monday as a dropping point, but ya gotta take a day every so often, right? That rest & relaxation has us getting caught up on a lot, including a few project revivals, so bring your sound to us, because things are about to get wild!

This Week; The Classic Hometown Hero Team-Up of Omega Sparx & SWATS, along with Nerd Out!, drop how they feel about the new Avengers game with “Assembled”, Atticus Lane brings a long-worked project to fruition with the album “There Is Nothing Wrong With Me, Pt.2”, and The Body Bags stack the pile a little higher with “Let The Bad Times Roll!” (Some classy rock ‘n’ roll)!

Video-wise, we drop some love on Dany Laj & The Lookers to a prior moment at Snug Harbor, then vibe with Jah Freedom & Kil Ripkin on their April 2020 video/track “Self Medicate”.

Finally, we’re back in the video game review business with a title that speaks volumes about what it means to be indie and the fight upward for fame. “No Straight Roads” hits from Metronomik & Sold Out Studios, Malaysia-made and distributed!!

Are you behind? Then come in and see what you missed! The Weekly Wrap Starts here!

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~~~~~~~~~ New Music For This Week ~~~~~~~~~~

Millennium by Sikarra
Alley Songs by Jacob Coats
Divine Intervention by Myrts Son
Rock ‘en ESP by The Silent U/Frank & The Alter Egos
Crimson Static #2 by Julian Calender
Explorations by Simon SMTHING
One And Done by Velcro Mary
dark times by spacelander
Day & Night by Jay Pluss
Blue Curses (Swine)
Basement Sessions Vol. 3 by John Mark McMillan
Right At Home by Fullkook
Food At Home In The Fridge by Mortico Harpiscork

Alex and Cap packed up the car and set their sights on GA as they took a trip to see Tyler Reese at ‘The Dirt Preachers Compound’ for some projects. James was tracking guitar for an acoustic country EP with Dirt Preachers members Tyler and Cole called “The Witherspoons”, while Alex filmed the process for his new venture “Stiff Media”. On their last day, they pulled out the podcast gear and got into many debates about bands (is Queen overrated?!), and learned a bit more about Tyler’s music history with The Stir / Like Machines & Madison Records.

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This week’s radio episode is the last of my “successful” facebook live sessions from July 25. In the time since, I’ve had nothing but problems and have shelved the idea for now (though I expect to make another attempt in the near future and maybe do it regularly again, but likely less often). This one’s chock full of great music, so put it on, crank it up, and enjoy. Not sure what next week will bring, but it will likely be a couple of weeks before there’s another Talks! episode while I finish up the zine and tackle a couple of personal projects! There should be some sort of radio (or other style?) episode next week as usual though!
Songs for Radio EP 19:
Fire Marshal Bill – Fishing for a Felony
Orange Driver – Rio Rita
Blood Red River – Wild Wild Love
The Capital City Playboys – Roll the Dice
Chrome Plated Apostles – Honky Tonk Hell
Mega Colossus – Kill More Better
Dysplacer – The Great Involuntary Ejection Seat Test Subject Escape
MechaBull – Pigs Feast
Seducer – The Smell of Death
Ugly Americans – NC punk, hardcore – I Love My Mom
HU/LK – Cursed Words/Powerless
The Dirty Politicians – End of the Run
Bubholla- IMABOAR
Lamb Handler – Piled High
Pipe – Submariner
Small – Chuck’s Buzz
Rapegoat – Havana Affair
power-take-Off – Broken
Crimson Spectre – Vampyre Liberation Front
From The Gun – Practice What You Preach
Grüzer – The Accessory
ANTiSEEN – Cause I Love You
Picasso Trigger -Calling God
Drug Yacht – Her Dick Moves
Reese McHenry – Mexico City
The Sabres – Spider Walk
Life After Death – Worse Than You
Minerva Strain – Cargo Cult
Labiators – Particle Bored
Pink Collar Jobs – Poison
Three Body Problem – Little Lies
The Style Kings? – Shotgun City
Los Accidentes – No War for Heavy Metal
Warboys U.S. – You Ain’t Comin Back
SharkLegs – Sidewalk Dave
Space Coke – Lucid Dream

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Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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