The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 10/26 to 11/8

CLT Scene & Beyond, it’s been a wild week or so out here in the USA, and hopefully the worst is past us. Last week saw us on a slight hiatus from the usual collection, so we’ve jam-packed this news release with 2 weeks of content to share!

If you’ve been trying to separate yourself from politics as hard as we have, then this is a cure for some sweet noise to check out. Here’s what you may have missed over the past few weeks!!!

~~~~~~~~~ Video’s From the Live Feed ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~ New Music From Last Week (10/26 to 11/1) ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~ New Music For This Week (11/2 to 11/8) ~~~~~~~~~~

That’s right kids! It’s time for the SomethingGoodForYa 2020 Halloween special! Alex and James are joined by a full table of spooky guests, including Mikey Black, Chris Morrison, and David Hammer!We discuss some of our favorite horror movies in the first part, then Mikey Black reads us an original story written for the special, then to round it off we play a game of HORROR JEOPARDY! Big thank you to Michale Alfonso for our intro!

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For October 26th, Mike brings his bandmate, Eric Huskins, along to interview, not just Jeff Williams (formerly of Punished, The Dead Kings, and Biggy Stardust), but also members of his current band (Stop Talking), Travis Lee Overcash and Terry Hudson! Topics for this week; the band Stop Talking, as well as Jeff’s past bands (some of Terry’s too!), the scene in the early 2000’s, sketchy practice spaces, the magical Crate amp, and they took a walk down memory lane while talking about all the spots we used to frequent in Charlotte in the nineties.

Mike talked to Patrick North, singer and keyboardist for Longshot Odds out of Columbia, SC. They speak via zoom, and then Facebook Messenger, about how a lost final exam led to his love for music, his previous band, You , Me, and Us, the Columbia scene, River Monster Records, and Longshot Odds new album, plus so much more! You’ll get a few peeks behind the curtain on this one as well.

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Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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