The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 11/9 to 11/16

What’s Up, CLT Scene & Beyond!

It’s halfway through November, and that much closer to the end of a radical year for all of us. I can’t think of a single person that the changes haven’t effected in some substancial way, but all the same, I’ve seen a ton of adaptations too.

For our area, it’s making the distance happen with safety being the main concern, and your main reporter Jonny has been spending the time available to experiencing how Skylark Social, Tommy’s, and Hattie’s Tavern has made changes to be able to bring comfort to our community. Things are hard on them, but seeing the venue owners that can step up is nice, and even still, places like The Milestone, Petras, and The Evening Muse have hit social media with Zoom Concerts that while may not be in our faces, still connect us to our friends and music family.

If I can think of something hopeful out of all of this, it’s that tragedy hasn’t cut the ties that bind us, and only shows the strength of our scene. This week, check out the music, but muse over the power that it takes these artists, plus a slew of others, in their push to make it work, and make that power your own.

If you’re looking for a glint of hope, definitely breeze by Central Ave on a Friday night, and yeah, you’ll see masks, but you’ll also see a few smiles around a bucket fire, all lit under a neon sign. We’ll be there too, maybe, recording Skylark’s Acoustic sets ~

~~~~~~~~~ Videos From the Live Feed ~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday Check-In Pick: Ian Pasquini – Tell Me What You Want Me To Do
Somewhere Sunday’s Pick: Serpentfoot – Lonestar

~~~~~~~~~ New CLT Music Drops This Week ~~~~~~~~~~

“This week, my sometimes Ed McMahon, Eric Huskins (Van Huskins), and I sat down with Simon Strivelli of The Commonwealth here at Flamin’ Head Studios (home of GGH… I’m sure the story of the name will come soon!). We talk about his musical journey, including his time in bands such as Gobstopper, Chalkies, Ghosts of Bannockburn, and Bottle of Smoke, the importance of rhythm guitarists, the oxymoron of the term “pop punk”, and more!”

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Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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