The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 11/17 to 11/22

Happy Thanksgiving Week, CLT Scene & Beyond!!!

Time is on our side in the next 7 days figuratively, and with the somewhat ramp-up of activity on our end, 2021’s in the headlights, so enough of 2020, what’re your personal aspirations for the New Year? Before we clear the year out, the hope is to end the year on our highlights of artists putting in the work even when the chips have been down, so time to dig through previous Weekly’s and mine in the Bandcamp archives.

Want to be a part of it? Submit your favorites for the year and share with us some of your favorite discovered tracks. For our artist friends, same applies, but throw out your 2020-specific releases and we’ll put them on blast through the airwaves!! Submit all entries through our social media channels, or hit up our email at

That being said, December’s Stream theme will be announced this week on the Thursday edition of the Mid-Week Check In, so after you’re done feasting on bird & carrots over your Zoom family meets, hit up the Twitch channel at 8pm and tell us what you’re thankful for!!

Are you behind? Then come in and see what you missed! The Weekly Wrap Starts here!

~~~~~~~~~ Videos From the Live Feed ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~ New CLT Music Drops This Week ~~~~~~~~~~

“This week, I spoke via Skype with drummer, Jon McClain, from such bands as No Rock Stars, Stillborn Christians, Ugly Americans, Picasso Trigger, and so many more, you’ll just have to listen to find out! We talk about his Cherryville, NC roots, the Milestone, life on the road, The Price is Right, and much more! This is the longest, most music filled episode yet, and you’ll definitely want to listen til the end!”

For More:
– GGH FB Page For Live Streams & Content Drops:
Support The Show at:

“Michael waited all year to get these guys on the podcast and we are so happy, so proud to feature these fellas on our Season 1 Finale! Old school punk rock made by seasoned professionals right here in G-town. We are honored to be the first platform to have not one, not two, but three QCR acoustic performances! This episode was so much fun to make and we appreciate you taking the time to listen. We will be back next year with fresh, new episodes!”

To Support This Podcast (And Soon To Be Venue):
Spotify: Rooster Radio’s Channel – Podcast to The Rooster out of Gastonia, NC

“The past few years have shown that nerd culture is the new cool, with “Black Panther” becoming the first comic book film to score a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars, “Game of Thrones” becoming a cultural phenomenon and even Walt Disney World opening up its first official Star Wars-themed hotel in Florida. Which makes it the perfect time to be GameBreax, a North Carolina “nerdcore” duo who stand proudly at the intersection of geek culture and hip-hop.”

For More From WFAE and Their Local/Regional Podcasts:
Spotify: WFAE’s Amplifier Channel w/ Joni Deutsch

Know something we don’t? See anything we missed on this line-up? Hit us in the comments to the article, or at any of our social media pages marked below!

Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.

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