The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 11/23 to 11/29

Happy New Week, CLT Scene & Beyond!

With the 30th now upon us, we’re on the edge of what’s been a turbulent year for the music industry as a whole, but especially for all of our indies all across the nation & globe. Thankfully, everyone’s still killing it in general, which is why I still get to do this every week.

With releases still popping in, there’s also the other side with bands staying quiet, waiting for 2021 to see how performing will go. In the Charlotte Scene, if you’re a performer, artist, or collective, there are still places to hone your craft at, albeit smaller audience and distanced. Maker’s Market descended this past weekend at Tommy’s Pub for the local CLT area, and every opening, they’re bringing on musicians to come hang out alongside vendors in open air bazaars (Next dates are Dec.13th & Dec.19th). Our produced video this week from RF20XX will give you a small taste from back at October, but if you’re looking to reconnect with the scene, contact Tommy’s Pub for the 19th or Maker’s Market for the 13th to get booked today!

December’s Theme for Streams on Twitch this month is all about Suda 51! From the studio’s earliest work onto what the No More Heroes creator is tackling next! With the 3rd entry of that franchise on the horizon, reflecting on what the series, and the director in general, has to say as the mega-indie maker is something worth exploring, so we’ll lend a ear Thursdays & Sundays this entire month!

Are you behind? Then come in and see what you missed! The Weekly Wrap Starts here!

~~~~~~~~~ Videos From the Live Feed ~~~~~~~~~~

Joe Sig – “In God We Trust” from Jux [The Prelude] EP (Nov 2020)
Grandma Mousey – Japanese Grasshopper Boogie from Neapolitan EP (Nov 2020)

~~~~~~~~~ Somewhere Sunday’s Featured Artist ~~~~~~~~~

Grandma Mousey – Austin, Texas

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~~~~~~~~~ RF20XX Production Videos ~~~~~~~~~~

Maker’s Market At Tommy’s Pub: 10/24

~~~~~~~~~ New CLT Music Drops This Week ~~~~~~~~~~

Bought In
by The Phantom Friends

“On the first of TWO new episodes this week (the other is coming on Friday), I talk to ValAllen, Chris 13, Brad Fury, and Robert St.Clair from the band, Blood Red River (Durham, NC), via skype! We discuss their upcoming ep (and play a song off of it!), the history of the band, continuing during Covid, Flat Duo Jets, and more! Lots of songs on this one, so take note and check these bands out!”

“On this week’s second new episode, Jon Bowman makes his fourth appearance on the podcast, this time talking about his solo project, Prehistoric Jon! While we still touch on Warboys US, Self Made Monsters, ANTiSEEN, SFTM, and Tankified, we also talk about social media, coronavirus, a little bit of politics, and his connection to Levi from No Anger Control (GGHT6)! We also talk about the podcast itself to give you a little behind the scenes on the things I do over here. Be sure to check out this week’s other new episode with Blood Red River! This is a holiday week, so I’ll be promoting all this stuff again next week to hold you over for next week’s new episode, coming in a little later than usual, on Friday! Advanced FYI: I got my result and I’m covid negative as of the day after we recorded this!”

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“Kody and Michael chat with The Benson about how they arrange music to create their unique sound that you can’t help but enjoy! From brewery open mics to failing colleges to Oregon being just OK, this episode features two live performances and is a testament to why open mics and perseverance are so important to creating great art in music!”

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Spotify: Rooster Radio’s Channel – Podcast to The Rooster out of Gastonia, NC

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Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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