Editor’s Note: 2020 – The Year In The Box

Captain’s Log, 10:53AM at the “Reporting From” HQ – The Year, 20XX

In the last day or so, I’ve spent the time unleashing hell in a virtual wilderness as we took apart monsters for parts, hunting them to make sure they didn’t destroy two villages we didn’t really care about, but figured why not? It’s part of the badly written storyline Capcom gave fans, might as well help them too as we destress into the new year.

In the last week or so, I looked at how to reach audiences in order to tell them about the city they live in, about the amazing artists that exist here and even about those that occasionally travel in to play here, both at venues & from behind a shared screen, going ten rounds in order to determine the better player of the two (or twelve).

From the “Nights In The City” Collection, Photo by Kenny Brown

I could keep going, but least to say that in reflecting on those two measured periods, things don’t really stop for people, especially creatives, even when the world itself has seemed to. 2020 as a whole was different, everybody felt that no matter who you were. The thing that impressed me though and kept the wheels on RF20XX rolling is seeing that even as we all were shut out of our regular ways of life, As Jeff Goldblum’s character Ian once said, life finds a way and did.

QC Nerve kept reporting as the city turned without a commercial break, while local music venues around Charlotte moved performances to streams to keep us excited. Our artists created through the hardship as well as because of it, still inspiring hearts if you know where to look for their tracks. Gaming organizations moved their whole operation online in order to keep communities of players connected to each other, thinking outside the box. Lastly, people whom maybe stayed more so in their bubbles sought to reach out and help in ways they may had never thought before, even if it was a distance away.

Jonny Golian, Owner/Editor of Reporting From 20XX, Photo by Kenny Brown

We can all hate how the year didn’t turn out the way we planned, and rightfully can in a multitude of ways. I hate seeing full clubs when our favorite businesses continue to respect the guidelines set forth by the state. I’ve seen bands cast doubt on the number of people who’ve died this year and preach that notion to people, clogging up an already terrible conspiracy mindset people near & far have shared even as their community members die of a very real sickness (numbers don’t care if you believe them). As a result, many of the musicians I’ve grown to love in running this platform as well as venue owners have had to be closed out longer from the physical audiences their energy touches, isolating each side from the other.

As an independent reporter, I never thought I’d personally have to explain the ramifications of small actions via influence to people, but here we are, and I may never do it again. In 2020, I feel like I’ve learned more about the people I’d tried to gravitate myself and what I do here, for better or worse, but fortunately that does have a positive side-effect for tomorrow’s outlook.

RF20XX grows through the sharing of information to those that may have never thought to check certain sources for new music or events. Most importantly, it gives artists, brands, and events a spotlight that they may had never otherwise through reviews, social media, and hopefully more word of mouth (man, have you seen what Setplay is doing this week? Oh, you know their collaborating with P&P, right?).

So, if you’ve never heard of us, welcome. It’s 2021, and we’re still in the year of 20XX. New faces are starting to take the stage, the primordial soup will continue to ooze out the talent Charlotte knows best, and what are you doing? We know the artists you should be listening to, we know the gaming spots you should have been at 5 minutes ago (conveniently online, too).

It’s the bottom of the ninth, the pitcher’s winding up to close out the field for the night. Come into 2021 and take your swing, there’s no time left to do otherwise. This is your year, this is your time, and like every inning in 2020 had curved on us, don’t let 2021’s balls fly past you. Make your hits count, and we’ll be right there with you all the way.

Get to know your city, get to know your world, for this… is 20XX.

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