The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 1/4/20 to 1/10/21

Happy New Week, CLT Scene & Beyond!

A New Year, A Few New Goals, and while it looks like the dawn is coming in a few months in the form of the vaccine rollout and what that means for artists & organizations alike, we’re looking ahead at how to both chase newer additions and bring back some of the former goals our mission statement holds.

This week, we’ve got QC Nerve back in the rotation for their “Nooze Hounds” segments, allowing the heads of the paper Ryan Pitkin & Justin LaFrancois to talk news with many of our city’s figures over a couple creative cocktails made for each podcast. Sounds strange? Maybe, but give them a listen, as well as a read if you like at the link below the Spotify link!

Then, turning back the pages of RF20XX history and adding an addition, comes a gaming organization to Charlotte that briefly got to bloom in 2020 before things took a turn; The Carolina Gaymers Network is an new organization that not only specializes in producing events here in the Queen City, but also promotes unity within our communities and offers a home for LGBTQ+ gamers & allies alike. 2021 will be a big year for them, so be sure to check out their promotion videos in our newsletters, laced with the weekly events happening on their Discord Channel. Don’t sleep on a few good souls, come hang out and see for yourselves why they’ll be a getaway for you just as much as Potions & Pixels is!!

With all that said, Let’s get to it! Need to catch up on what’s been going down? Come See What You Missed This Week & What’s Coming Up!!!

~~~~~~~~~ Videos From the Live Feed ~~~~~~~~~~

Constance by Spiritbox (2020)

~~~~~~~~~ New CLT Music Drops This Week ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~ CLT Gaming Scene Happenings ~~~~~~~

[Carolina Gaymers Network (CGN)]

~~~~~~~ Charlotte & Beyond Music/News Podcasts ~~~~~~~

“Nooze Hounds is back for another year of raw, local news talk after a two-week hiatus. This week, Ryan and Justin talk to Lucille Puckett, founder of Take Back Our H.O.O.D.S., about violence interruption work in an especially rough year and plenty more.”

For More on What’s Happening In CLT: Check Out QC Nerve for Daily News Briefs

“Kody and Michael catch up with Gastonia native (and former classmate of Kody), Dalton Davis who is the frontman of Dalton & The Boys. Dalton has a great story to tell and an uplifting message. From his roots in Gospel music, touring and learning on the road with some of the greats, to dabbling in funk and putting together an amazing band to take his message on the road, this young man is doing everything right, and it was an absolute blast to bring his energy into our world.”

Know something we don’t? See anything we missed on this line-up? Hit us in the comments to the article, or at any of our social media pages marked below!

Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.

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