The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 1/11/21 to 1/17/21

Happy New Week, CLT Scene & Beyond!!!

It’s a good sign of the way a year is going to go if you see yourself pushing past what your preferences might be. Now, I’m not going to say that “indie” wasn’t already a way of life for us here at RF20XX, but really jumping into what it means to work from the ground up, experiencing their interactive projects, it’s just something really cool, different, and engaging.

This is Indie Game Month for our January Twitch Stream series, and taking on the challenge of Potions & Pixels to make it, and the Indie Buzz newsletter, happen is just plain cool. While we did find out on last Thursday that the equipment needs to be beefed up immensely (shut-down city in balancing Unreal Engine games), it may just be a part of the routine of discovery for us here on the platform, and I’m glad for it.

For any of you checking out this week’s Wrap-Up that want to know what we’re talking about, P&P is now part of our Gaming Community section, and all the games from last week are linked next to the discussion panel ( yes, we were there too ~). is a great tool for finding new, inventive titles out of the AAA-universe, and many are free! Check out the site when you get some open time!

With all that said, Let’s get to it! Need to catch up on what’s been going down? Come See What You Missed This Week & What’s Coming Up!!!

~~~~~~~~~ Videos From the Live Feed ~~~~~~~~~~

Zack Harris! ~ Electrified (2020)
The Lemon Flyers ~ Rocket Shop Radio Hour (2020)

~~~~~~~~~ Somewhere Sunday’s Featured Artist ~~~~~~~~~

The Lemon Flyers ~ Burlington, Vermont

Links to Support:
– Facebook
– Bandcamp
– Spotify
– Instagram

~~~~~~~~~ New CLT Music Drops This Week ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~ CLT Gaming Scene Happenings ~~~~~~~

[Carolina Gaymers Network (CGN)]

[Potions & Pixels]

Indie Game Club for the Week of 1/14/2021

Potions & Pixel’s Indie Game Club ~ Thursdays at 7pm EST

Games From the 1/14 Discussion Panel:
Anger Foot
Infinite Pizza

This Week’s Upcoming Games For Play ‘n’ Discussion:
Return To Castle Monkey Ball
Tactical Crisis
Super Is Hot
NERTS! Online

~~~~~~~ Charlotte & Beyond Music/News Podcasts ~~~~~~~

“To help us ring in the new year, we brought back Tiki to talk all things music; from the “make it work” mentality and studio accidents, fun band merchandise, how to release music in 2021, and the way you look on stage VS off stage. We also discuss Tiki’s recent skateboard art project, what’s coming up for THE GRAVE ROLLERS!”

For More From the SGFY Crew:
– Patreon Episodes, Exclusives, & Rare Content:
– FB Page Home – Updates, Announcements, & More:

“Over the last four years, Jordan Green with Triad City Beat has been the foremost reporter on far-right extremism in N.C. In the latest Nooze Hounds podcast, we talk to Jordan about antigovernment groups, white supremacists and conspiracy theorists in the lead-up to the inauguration.”

For More on What’s Happening In CLT: Check Out QC Nerve for Daily News Briefs

“This month host Matthew Ablan speaks with Brennan, Dillon and Joe from Pluto Gang – a six piece soul jam band. The band mans the ground between traditional southern soul and the contemporary jam band scene by fusing funk rhythms, progressive rock leads and jazz influenced textures. They talk about how the band came together, their writing and recording process and how Covid-19 has impacted them.”

Know something we don’t? See anything we missed on this line-up? Hit us in the comments to the article, or at any of our social media pages marked below!

Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.

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