The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 2/1/21 to 2/7/21

What’s going on, CLT Scene & Beyond? We’re in a week on the shortest month of the year, and it’s all love here at Maverick HQ as we prepare for the next couple drops coming to our digital news-stand later this week!

As you may have seen on the recent Twitch Streams or mentioned on our social media, February’s all about dating sims & heartwarming situations told through visual novels. Incidentally, through that exploration, we came upon an event having its initial run on; the Narrative Driven Jam #1! Still being new to really getting into indie games at the ground level, and given the theme of the month, we went into the selection with open eyes, starting with a title you’ll know more about soon, Inure Coffee.

Honestly, for us anyhow, saying in the past that it’d be too hard to play games on the current PC (due to being an older unit) now seems as hollow as back when I let a night slip by instead of checking out a highly-anticipated local show. It’s easy to think what’s on our consoles or on Steam being the only go-to places to find games, but 2021 has already taken us out of the preverbal cave, and thankfully, there’s no going back once you see the light of another world.

With all that said, Let’s get to it! Need to catch up on what’s been going down? Come See What You Missed This Week & What’s Coming Up!!!

CLT Artist Pick: Joe Sig ~ Count’n Hunneds

Somewhere Sunday’s Pick: Declan Poehler ~ Dissolve

~~~~~~~~~ Somewhere Sunday’s Featured Artist ~~~~~~~~~

Declan Poehler ~ Delaware/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Charlotte Gaymers Network (CGN)

The Indie Game Club w/ Potions & Pixels

Games Discussed On 2/4:
Dead Estate (30 – 45 minutes)
LIEVE OMA (30 minutes)
Veinless Property (5 minutes)
Psycho Taxi Rewind  (10 minutes)
9.03m (30 minutes)

“Mikey is back this week! We talk a little bit of stocks, what we’re planning out for 2021, Kong VS Godzilla, quarantine depression, what makes us want to be better musicians, the current state of live streams, Mikey’s social media, some Mando S2 talk, and so much more!”

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On this week’s episode I talk to Clifton Lee Mann via Skype about his musical history, playing in such storied bands as Bad Checks, Pipe, Chrome Plated Apostles, The Ghost of Rock, and more! There’s a ton of good triangle music history tidbits in this one, and a possible punk rock royalty connected guitar that inspired his new solo album, “Not For Sale/’46” (on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube). You’ll wanna listen to the end because this one has a false ending, as we picked the conversation back up on a second night to talk about some important stuff we forgot about the first night!

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“We’re so excited to have comedian Joy Wills on the show! We talk about every awkward Charlotte NC encounter we’ve had, Absinthe, and her career from being an open mic’er, to hosting, to touring.
Follow her on Twitter at @JoyWills and Instagram @joywills6″

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Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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