The RF20XX Weekly Wrap: 2/8/21 to 2/14/21

CLT Scene & Beyond, Happy New Week & Much Love To You All!!

We’ve just crossed February 14th, and it seems like the Queen City’s music scene is giving the love back to itself! We’re happy to report, firstly, that this is the biggest week of music releases in Charlotte since the beginning of the year. Variety is the spice of life, and this week’s Wrap has it all, from soundscapes (Seph Dot) to Mash-ups (The Black Mavericks), and of course, our regulars are always working around the clock to keep the scene alive and bring it to your doorstep, so crack open the entry-way & see what the QC’s all about!

New to this week’s newsletter is something we decided to do with the new flow of checking independent game studios on the side of local music: RF20XX on the Indies! You might not be aware, but we stream on Twitch weekly, Thursdays & Sundays, so to give audiences a taste of some of the games out there, we’ll also be live-playing & reviewing titles into the foreseeable future. This week’s vid stars Bonte Avond’s “Everybody Wham Wham!“, a wholesome wacky story about the greatest snowman maker (you), taking place over 10 days to see who can make the most unique creations this side of the Great British Baking Show. Check out our playthrough, but also give the studio some love and these homegrown game makers a chance if you’re looking for a different road from the same AAA sequels time & again!

With all that said, Let’s get to it! Need to catch up on what’s been going down? Come See What You Missed This Week & What’s Coming Up!!!

Weird Shit ~ Nige Hood (2020)
Bowl N The Woods ~ Folk Rap Band (Nige Hood) feat Afroman (2021)

Altered Vision ~ Alternative/Rock

Attributed Article: CLT Area Spotlight w/ Altered Vision: Taking On The Future in “Never Alone” & “All Or Nothing”

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~~~~~~~~~~ RF20XX On The Indies ~~~~~~~~~~

Attributed Article: The Indie Buzz w/ RF20XX – Issue #3: Inure Coffee & Everybody Wham Wham!

~ Indie Game Club – Potions & Pixels ~

Games Discussed On 2/4 (Latest Week On-Break):
Dead Estate (30 – 45 minutes)
LIEVE OMA (30 minutes)
Veinless Property (5 minutes)
Psycho Taxi Rewind  (10 minutes)
9.03m (30 minutes)

“On Episode 36 of the Nooze Hounds podcast, the guys talk to Adrienne Threatt of Hope Vibes Inc and Larry Mims, aka No Limit Larry of Power 98 FM’s Morning Maddhouse and lead organizer with Block Love Charlotte, about actionable solutions to homelessness in Charlotte.”

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Check Out QC Nerve for Daily News Briefs

“Gabba Gabba Huh? Radio is back! As I take a week (or two?) off from interviews, I’m bringing you a great batch of tunes from past and (hopefully) future GGHT guests! I also have a couple of “twofers” featuring different points in an artists career, as well as a newly digitized, rare demo at the end!”

Songs for GGHR24:
Salvo Rain – Ceilings
Gregory Ellis – Dumb Hill to Die On
Slushpuppies – Sleep
Something Went Wrong – I Fell in Love with an Alien
The Map Says We’re Fucked – Snakeskull
Bad Checks – Hurtin’ is Love
Clifton Lee Mann – The Sword
The Dynamite Brothers – I Can’t Win
Trouble Walkers – Outta My Head
Grids – Home By Ten
Pure Hate – Beginning of the End

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“The past year has been a busy one for Jamaican-born singer-songwriter Sanya N’Kanta. In March 2020, he released a debut record that reconciles past experiences with the present-day reality of racial inequality. Now, he has a new release that combines acoustic instrumentation with introspection. Listen to his story in the latest Amplifier.”

Amplifier with Joni Deutsch is a Production of WFAE –
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What an honor to have Music Photographer Daniel Coston on! We talk about taking photos for the last concert Johnny Cash ever played, shooting for Wilco, Kings of Leon, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and more. Follow him on IG at @danielcostonphotos

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Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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