The Dirty Low Down March Forward with 2021’s “On My Own” – Single Review

What becomes of the broken-hearted? When it comes to songs that might appear on a playlist post-relationship, Jimmy Ruffin’s iconic track speaks to the broad feelings of emptiness and loss that comes as the emotions echo day after day. The classic serves as an example of what we tend to go through when that situation, way of life, or person we’d become accustomed to is separated from us, and like light hitting a glass prism, there’s a whole variety of reactions for the aftermath. So, what does become of the broken hearted? As The Dirty Low Down tells us in their latest track, “On My Own”, sometimes that reaction is red, powerful, and has to be struck in order to keep away from the temptations of the past.

In their first drop since 2019, “On My Own” charts unfamiliar territory with the subject matter, yet gives all the explosive presence audiences have missed over the course of the last year that is their signature sound. While also being their longest track to date, topping off at over 5 minutes, there isn’t an inch of space unused by the lyrics or the instrumentals, keeping the constant energy flowing between the quintet of performers.

The messaging rides each set of riffs and crash of the drums as the lyrics rip off the bandage that is heartbreak, facing it head-on in order to ultimately move forward again. Instead of staying in the disillusionment, “On My Own” makes its mark by describing the fight that persists, intimately taking the anger from the hurt in order to transform it into a weapon of war. Like a victim against their abuser, each piece of the song is arranged perfectly in painting that internal war in ceasing to look back. The chorus lines “All I needed was/A moment On my own, why?” give the speaker just enough time to realize what’s really in front of them, making it hard not to imagine that “so rewind/to old times” is that reflection of what was being unmasked, much like the former partner’s actions. The breakdown, being wound up by the end, hits with an array of hooks, sending home the message of independence from the aggressor, weaving a hard earned breath of relief by the end.

Every relationship has a different response from partners once everything is said and done, and we all need something to carry on with on the individual level. The Dirty Low Down’s new single gives that notion a voice in the harshest of circumstances, but as Ruffin might put it when looking at the future, we all know that we’ll “find our way”.

In the time away during the “Blip Year”, we decided to use this opportunity to do a little catch-up with the band to learn more about the track and look ahead to what the New Year might promise;

The Dirty Low Down
From Left To Right – Jordan Ham, Quinn Chavez, Michael Lowe, Gabriel Daley, Carlo Swepson
Photo by: Rookie Pix

Q.) What was the inspiration that drove the painful yet powerful new single?

A.) Overall, when Michael opens up he prefers to write lyrics that inspire emotion in the listener for their interpretation. In this case “painful and powerful” is spot on. On My Own draws from his experience of being trapped in an abusive relationship that he simply couldn’t get out of until he reached his absolute breaking point. “All I needed was/A moment on my own” reflects on the distance he needed to see that now he was out of the relationship that person couldn’t hurt him anymore…and he wasn’t going to let them either. It’s a full realization and then actualization that could only come with separating yourself from the pain in the first place. I think it’s safe to say most people can relate to this or at least know someone going through this. Toxic and abusive relationships are not always easy to talk about, but it’s important to prioritize your own physical and emotional safety even if it means you have to be alone for a while.

Q.) 2020 was a blip year for so many artists, including most of our scene. How’s 2021 looking for ya’ll in terms of new work or upcoming projects?

A.) 2020 was a bit of a disappointment for us for sure. Between some financial struggles and general cabin fever vibes, it took some effort to not simply rest on our laurels and wait for things to go back to normal. However, the lack of live shows provided a great opportunity to focus on new music and we’ve been strategizing around that ever since we went into the studio last fall for On My Own. We have a second single in the works for later this season and sitting on a pretty pile of new tracks that we’re still polishing. Our focus right now is to get a few more singles recorded and then slide our effort towards a full album release. So, how’s 2021 looking? Busy and loud – hopefully!

Q.)As the scene opens back up, once vaccines are mostly distributed, which Charlotte stage are you most excited to revisit first, or for the first time?

A.) Skylark is easily our favorite. We got to meet a lot of great people throughout 2020 there and we’re definitely looking forward to getting back in there when the time comes. I’m sure I speak for everyone remotely interested in local music that a return to true live shows can’t come soon enough. Thankfully, it seems like the end is sight. In general, we’re always looking forward to playing live again and there are a few Queen City spots that we haven’t had the pleasure of playing yet like Neighborhood Theater and Snug Harbor. Personally, I’m banking on a renaissance of live music in the scene. There are a lot of hungry ears out there (including my own) and I fully expect post-covid shows and festivals to come back with a vengeance. TDLD is definitely looking to give the people what they want.

The Dirty Low Down’s “On My Own” drops on March 5th. You can check out what we’ve said about the new single by listening to it at their Spotify and Soundcloud, as well as support the band by making the track your own on their Bandcamp site!

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