TINO, Dollar Signs, SADRIDEHOME: RF20XX’s Music Wrap – 3/8 to 3/14

What’s going on, CLT Scene & Beyond?

Hard to believe we’re already at the halfway point in March, but as the warmth returns, so does more of the outdoor sound. Most of the country still keeps to masks & social-distancing, but the industry has had a year to learn & reinvent, and music posters are suddenly seen on walls, glass panes, and stapled to poles again. Check your local restaurants, breweries, and anywhere you can think of for information on local music happening, but most of all, expect a warm season that’s about to do a 180 on the “Blip” Year of 2020.

This week, we crashed Ohio to improve our dream’s outlook with TINO, fought a giant opossum w/ the Dollar Signs, learned to better treasure an “Empty Room” with Rich Williams, plus much more!

That all said, come see what you may had missed in the last week of music in the year 20XX!

– Jonny G.

~ TINO – “Nuthin To It” (Dayton, Ohio) ~

A DIY Video & Track about looking back honestly in order to look forward. Sometimes, advice comes from the most unlikely sources, & TINO speaks on fighting thru the good and bad times.
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~ Dollar Signs – “Fistfight + Nihilist Gundam” (Charlotte, NC) ~

As two chapters played side-by-side in their newest album “Hearts of Gold”, “Fistfight!” details a low night out after a collision with a fist, while “Nihilist Gundam”


“SADRIDEHOME is a horrorcore/emo rap artist from Charlotte, NC. He is currently signed to two small underground labels named, PSONE and Lost Boys. He has a hot new single out now called “nothing new” with over 10k streams on Soundcloud!”

by J. Bosco

“J Bosco is a talented producer from Charlotte, NC and is the founder of the Wiseguys Creative Camp, consisting of various producers and artists from across the nation. His sound is heavily influenced by 9th Wonder, J Dilla, and ATCQ, specifically Q-Tip.”

Live from the Pod #1
by Andy Guy

“What I lack in stature I make up for in heart.”

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The Art of the Empty Room
by Rich Williams

“Singer/songwriter based in North Carolina. Have recorded two CDs ,”The Art of the Empty Room” and “Ordinary Person” both produced & mixed by Jamie Hoover of The Spongetones. Folk pop/folk rock…whatever label you wish to apply…its all about the music.”

If Only You Knew
by For What It’s Worth

“One-man metalcore band from Charlotte, NC”

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Hearts of Gold
by Dollar Signs

“Dollar Signs is an anxious pop band from North Carolina. Dollar Signs sounds like if every member of the Beach Boys had a Xanax prescription and worked at Best Buy. Dollar Signs will always be there for you. Dollar Signs then. Dollar Signs now. Dollar Signs forever.”

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Thank you for tuning into your world, for this… is 20XX.

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