CLT Speaks: The Podcast-Wrap Presented By RF20XX – Week of 3/27

What’s happening on your weekend, CLT Scene & Beyond?

As of recently, we’ve decided to take apart what was a bigger newsletter w/ the Weekly Wrap in order to centralize the bigger parts into more nuanced pieces, for your listening & viewing pleasure. This Week, we’re proud to put back out there a collection of what our Queen City broadcasts on a weekly-to-monthly basis, titled appropriately “CLT Speaks: The Podcast-Wrap”. Each week, we’ll dig into what’s been dropped on podcasts made by the many faces our music scene in CLT produces, from the Something Good Network’s good tidings to WFAE’s Amplifier deep dives w/ Joni Deutsch at the helm.

This Week, the SGFY Cast Breaks Eggs w/ DJ of True Lilith, Wilma, & The Walbournes, Joni Deutsch sits down with ReeCee Raps, one of CLT’s hottest & most ambitious female hip-hop artist, and we backtrack a bit to The Rooster’s interview with Carolina Vibes, plus much more!

~ Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and listen in on what’s going on with the Cast of CLT ~

“This week we’re joined by DJ (drummer of Wilma & The Walbournes) and Chris Morrison (Couch Brotatos) for some ol’ fashion SGFY goodness. We kick off this show with a great video DJ sent us about freebasing cocaine, then the revelation that someone at the table uses a metal knife in a nonstick pan, which lead to spit balling a new cooking YouTube series with Chris, and then things fall off the rails when we go down the “favorite conspiracies” rabbit hole”

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“Kody and Michael bring back old friends Carolina Vibes for a fun discussion about what they have been up to for the last year. With an explosion of new songs in the well and a ton of upcoming dates, the Vibes have been using the shutdown time wisely and are ready to get their music in front of everybody as things begin to open up again. Stick around all the way through to hear two separate live acoustic performances of their new songs “Say OK” and “Rainy Day”

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“Dealing with bands, tour managers and drunken stage hands is hard. Fortunately, John Brady knows how to handle it well. As the Production Manager at Charlotte’s Neighborhood Theater, the largest independently owned music venue in town, John has been a big part of the quarantine series “Queen City Streams’. He also talks nerdy to me at the end of the episode with quick-fire answers to audio geekery.”

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“This week, I spoke to Trey Spears of The Walbournes for a second time, as he updates me on what’s been going on with The Walbournes, including a new single, In My Head (released February 12), more new music on the way, and a new member as well! This will be kind of a time stamp episode as we talk a lot about the turning point in the pandemic, how it has effected us, and how we’re optimistic for the future. It’s already become one of my favorite episodes just for this fact. Also, this episode works like a “Release Series” episode, but I’ll just be numbering those as regular Talks! episodes going forward.”

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“This Week, Ryan & Justin sit down to talk with Keba Samuel and Rickey Hall about the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan.”

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“This month host Matthew Ablan speaks with Fred Lee from the band Late Night Special. The two discuss Fred’s musical background, the bands evolution, the songwriting process and what’s ahead for them in 2021”

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“Today on WFAE’s Amplifier podcast: Charlotte’s ReeCee Raps on how TLC’s Left Eye Lopes, Lauryn Hill and even Sonic the Hedgehog inspired her rhythm and flow”

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Have a great week ahead, scene lovers! Seeya in the streams & everywhere else!!

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