Mallz, Joe Sig, Leo Wolf, Lord Fortnite: RF20XX’s Music Wrap: 4/5 – 4/11

Happy New Week, CLT Scene & Beyond!

As many of you may know that check these newsletters out occasionally (and for those of you that are new to what we do here, glad to have you), I always start off these weekly’s with that is going on in the now, or what I feel is relevant to the CLT Scene’s news cycle. This past week, while Time2Fly Music and Records On The Wall have been feeling out where we are in getting small isolated events off the ground, Tommy’s Pub and Skylark Social Club, both venues on the East Side of Charlotte, have officially opened up their calendars to artists again!

What does this mean, exactly? Well, as the vaccine becomes more distributed, the collective of venue owners in the Charlotte Scene are starting to look forward. Aside from the weekly Queen City Streams that the Neighborhood Theatre has been putting on and The Evening Muse starting to host their own small shows, there hasn’t been much word until now about how the more mainstay landmarks have felt, or none that the general public could look into.

As is such, this newsletter will start to carry the listings that we once produced daily on our Instagram. If there was some sign of normalcy that meant the most to us here at RF20XX, this is it. The best thing we can do now is safely support those efforts, keep the masks on, get vaccinated, and wait. The light at the end of the tunnel is just ahead.

With all that said, come dig in and see what you missed in the last week!

– Jonny G.

Mallz ~ Native Son(shine) – Off of “Famous Last Words” (2020)

A track that takes listener’s back to the days where life was a little simpler, from the words of an Native Carolina son.
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The Pretentious Song

by Professor Plasmodium

“A young aspiring experimental musician trying (and failing) to make decent tunes.”


by Leo Wolf

“Leo Wolf is a musician who performs and records experimental electronic music using synthesizers, samplers, & field recordings. His work focuses heavily on themes of memory, time, & dreams which act as portals connecting the physical & metaphysical, inner & outer worlds we inhabit.”
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Jazz Therapy 432hz

by Axe Jackson

“Guitarist, artist musician. I have 15 active projects this is my solo project that is a showcase for my guitar playing.”
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dub sack, vol. 1

by [ignxrance]

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The Jux


“Joe Sig is a Hip-Hop Emcee born and raised in Charlotte, NC. HIs music is an amalgamation of Gritty 90s production and 2000 soul samples. Joe Sigs lyrical content and witty delivery brings a nostalgic felling to the listeners heart while providing new age perspective to the mind.”
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Ground Floor and Below – EP

by Clipping the Outer Wing

“Born in the land of corn and here to destroy your ears.”
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Seconds EP

by the spooky gooses

“Engineer ‘papaSochan’ are the spooky gooses. Darkwave post-punk goth synth born from watching the dogs of hell (literally) and hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina”
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by Lord Fortnite

“New music out of Charlotte, NC. Influences range from folk to surf, to grunge to pop and indie rock. Recordings done on GarageBand. These are pre recordings for upcoming album. If a song sticks out to you, design a picture for it and email us!”

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