The Dirty Low Down’s “Worst Way”: RF20XX’s CLT Livewire Reviews

Happy Friday, CLT Scene & Beyond!!!

As RF20XX moves back toward the direction of a New (Music Internet) World Order, starting here in the Queen City, we’re excited to move back towards weekly releases of single’s drops, showcasing the raw power of Charlotte Area bands & artists!

For this week, the stars of the show are faces you’re very familiar with if you’ve kept up with our moves over the years. Get yourselves a taste of what we had to say about some of CLT’s finest; The Dirty Low Down w/ “Worst Way!”

– Jonny G., Editor/Writer/Founder, Reporting From 20XX

As the concert season of 2021 reemerges from the crypt of the “Blip Year”, The Dirty Low Down decided to capitalize on the renewed visions and fire that makes live performances so electric, immediately evident with “Worst Way”.

While not lyrically heavy, frontman Michael Lowe thrusts himself thru the vocals in order to match the combined power of the in-your-face instrumentals and succeeds, completely syncing with the band in order to deliver the best track for getting the crowd hyped up for what’s to come. The imagery delivers big on what can’t help but amp up listeners, crafting heat out of the most abyssmal situations (Don’t Stop/Meaning You Just Lost Your Job/And You Wanna Join A Mob/In The Worst Way).

The magic of this track is seeing it (and hearing it) at the front of the set, as each element of the 5-piece Indie Rock ensemble consistently shines here, from Jordan Hamm’s heavy bass riffs, to Gabriel Daley’s manic destruction on drums, and all tied together by Quinn Chavez & Carlo Swepson’s twin energy from their respective guitar stylings. Getting the party looks easy, but is always a heavy task to hold, but come music season, the boys have it down, so get ready for the pop-off when they take the stage.

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