The Body Bags, Queen City Rejects, & The Fill Ins at Skylark (May 21st), And The Abari Community Moving Day (May 22nd): RF20XX’s “Scenes From The Scene


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What’s Happening For You This Week, CLT Scene & Beyond?

As things have gotten more open on the outside, the ability to travel around the area and return to the “normal” activities has definitely increased, giving us a chance to do more around the community. This past week, that pent-up energy was directed at attending our first live show since the shutdown over at one of our favorite hubs, Skylark Social Club, and joining up with the Abari Community in order to help move the establishment out from the old & into a space with much more radical possibilities.

On the personal side outside of what RF20XX does, the word mostly used for this year is “Reunion”. Both of these events perfectly symbolized that aspiration and heartfelt concept. As we looked over the shoulders during Friday night’s show and saw just as many local performers supporting the acts that night as we did regular attendees. At Abari, Charlotte Gaymers Network’s Jon Barrio, together with Potions & Pixel’s Michael Zytkow, joined up with Abari’s owner Zach Pulliam to get the place cleared out, and by 12pm there was a crowd of helping hands ready to take on the titan’s effort of moving arcade machines into Pods outside (some of which almost killed people, like the MK3 & 4 cabinets, hungry for fatalities), and among them were other organization heads, knowing full well what kind of effort was needed and came willing.

Life feels good right now, and in ways that can’t be brought into words perfectly. Hope is in the air, and everyone is showing up (and showing out), ready to wipe the slate clean of the recent past. Those words may never fully form, but as long as the energy in our area persists, it won’t matter. Some things can only be seen, and believed, by action alone, along with the movements that come after.

Skylark Social Club – May 21st, 2021

The Body Bags

Queen City Rejects

The Fill Ins

Abari Community Day – May 22nd, 2021

The Community Move In Action

Abari – The Art & Graffiti

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