Subrosa’s Listening Party for Jah-Monte Ogbon’s “Too Little, Too Late”: RF20XX’s “Scenes From The Scene

Building a music scene, from almost 5 years as a publication looking deep into our city’s artists and observing the moves within Charlotte, seems like a titan’s effort, especially when it comes from working from the ground up. In taking an honest look at where we stand today, it is a thriving one, but more so when it comes to pockets of genres. Without a doubt, I can walk up to any artist that claims CLT as their home and hit them with at minimum 5 artist or band names that they haven’t heard of before, even when the noise coming from them is excessive, akin to a neighbor you’ve never talked to that blows up the neighborhood with constant house parties.

This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to what I’ve noticed, and with that problem in mind to solve, a small group within the hip-hop culture of the city has thought of a way to not only bring awareness to artists, but also to help break down some of the walls that separate us in the music scene. Last week, I had gotten a chance to check out a listening party for Jah-Monte Ogbon’s new album, “Too Little, Too Late”, and found it to be an awesome way to not only meet some of the people I’ve covered as RF’s sole proprietor, but also network with faces that may not had been active for a bit and wanted to see what was coming out of the Queen City. Under the Rose, or subrosa.clt as you will find them both on Instagram and as a web address you can RSVP at, took away the borders that might stop people from interacting regularly and produced an atmosphere which brought out the best energy in the faces, both familiar and new, of the people I saw.

Check out the gallery, and see who you can name off from the photos. If you find it harder than you might think, follow this small collective as they bloom forth with more of these events.

This weekend, you’ll might even have time to grab a spot & listen to the words and sounds of one of the artists we covered last week in our Livewire Reviews; Cuzo Key, with their new album “Nionek 3”

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