Duckbeak & Friends Make It Home to Familiar Territory at Snug Harbor – 9/29: RF20XX’s Scenes From The Scene

After one of the few tours Duckbeak has taken outside of The Queen City, the boys returned to familiar stomping grounds in time for the final September “No Future” Residency at Snug Harbor, playing alongside Aloha Broha. Though the group was reasonably exhausted, given being back only a day and a half from the road, the audience was moved, both by the five-piece’s hardcore punk aura and by moments the band’s guitarists flew from the stage to play in the crowd. When asked how their tour went, Mike Smith and Company replied in kind with minimal answers, all before looking ahead to another packed month in October, full of shows and festivals yet to play before a well-earned break in November.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
– The Milestone Club w/ Great Wide Nothing, Bhava, & Earth That Was (October 4th) –
– Brewstock ’21 at Benford Brewing (October 9th) –
– Eastway Holiday at Tommy’s Pub (October 24th) –


For More on Duckbeak:
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Aloha Broha

For More on Aloha Broha:
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