The Platform Series Brings Back Its Informative Stylings to Charlotte After A Two-Year Hiatus – RF20XX’s Scenes From The Scene


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In the last few years since Covid-19 became the source of a world-wide pandemic, Charlotte venues and promoters have struggled to hold some of the more varied events catered towards the music scene, whether because an outbreak occurs among a band or artist’s group, or the spaces needed are limited to the size of crowd they can hold. As the numbers of infected have started to wane in the last few months, following the Omicron variant’s appearance, that trend has started to reverse itself, with more shows being announced and held in what would make for packed weeks in the area prior to 2020. One of those signs marked the return of The Platform, making its return in 2022 last Tuesday night at its new home, Section Charlotte over in the NoDa/Plaza-Midwood area.

The Platform, founded, curated, and hosted by Jermaine Spencer, is a paneled event that is directed toward the widening music industry of the Queen City. Incorporating music from handpicked local and regional artists, the session is also positioned as a time to network and learn from others, the main attraction being a trio of invited hosts that both answers questions on a given theme and give advice from their varied careers for young entrepreneurs to apply in their own lives.

In the first outing since holding the One Year Anniversary show at 321 Lounge on March 10th, 2020, the venue was filled out enough to both allow space among attendees and guests, as well as not block the view as the night’s theme of “The Art of Hustle” was discussed at length by three of Charlotte’s heavyweights when it comes to capitalizing on opportunity and operating under multiple roles;

Left to Right; Serenity MaKiD, DJ Chuck T, and ReeCee RapsPhoto by RF20XX

Serenity MaKiD, who not only created her own brands Just Pray Apparel and DIFA Water, but also uses that same business and marketing knowledge to coach and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs; DJ Chuck T, a veteran at all levels in the music industry, working from as far back as the Mixtape Era which places him as a contemporary to names such as DJ Drama, who continues to use his varied career to help up-and-coming artists succeed through promoting music, curating music industry events, and hitting the tables himself occasionally; And ReeCee Raps, an artist in the early stages of her career that not only utilizes her music and platform to relate to her growing fanbase, but also pushes for a collective music scene in Charlotte through her catered events, giving more chances for artists in the area to grow as well.

In the return of The Platform, an event completely unique in its design among shows and festivals in the area, a major need is once again being filled when it comes to passing on vital knowledge and information to the next generation of artists in Charlotte and the surrounding regions. Since its initial start back in 2019 at the Loft & Cellar near 4th Street, the event has had a variety of diverse hosts and topics that not only given lifelines to attendees, but also has challenged its panelists with each set of topical questions. While the event itself is music-centric, any attendee that walks through the venue doors will not only leave with career knowledge, but also advice that will apply to every facet of their lives afterward.

~ Check Out some of our shots from the night below, and come be a part of the next Platform event by following their Instagram for future announcements! This event offers *FREE* tickets ahead of time, so don’t sleep on the opportunity to learn from our local talent ~

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